I love people who never say die....

One such example is my friend Mrs. M aka Candace, from I've Changed My Name to Mommy also distinguished as Kirsty's Fabulous Blog Designer. I enjoy her work very much.

I met Mrs. M through blogging some time ago, and I have to say that I have been fascinated by her story ever since. She is a young wife and devoted home-schooling mommy of three. She is also super smart and a research queen extraordinaire. She is deep, articulate,funny and kind. A great writer and a really great self-taught web designer. I find her smarts, talent, drive, dedication and creativity to be inspiring and a little intimidating.

Did I mention that she became homeless at 16? And as a young mom she home-schooled herself through her last 2 years of high-school?

My heart has gone out to her as her family has struggled financially as her hard-working husband's hours have been cut due to the languishing economy. I have been impressed as through several experiences that most of us would find impossibly stressful and discouraging, she has kept the faith and always expressed gratitude and perspective in what mattered most-her strong, loving marriage and her lovely little brood. I have never known her to have a "give up and feel sorry for myself" attitude.

Recently, Mrs. M shared her plan for returning to school, she outlined a clear and exciting plan of action for her education starting with an Associate degree, all the way through graduating from law school. I was so thrilled for her. I have absolute faith that she will be an outstanding, dedicated and successful student and I could not wait to see what wonders she would perform with a precious education-the often elusive key to so many doors.

She has recently realized though, that with the decrease in her husband's income, her dream is going to have to be put on hold indefinitely. She may need to get a full-time job to support her family instead. Trust me, these are hard-working people. She and her husband barely ever see each other and she works all hours of the day and night doing what she can to earn income from home in order to remain the fulltime caregiver to her children. They are genuinely doing all they can. But Mrs. M being the "never say die", infinitely creative sort, has conceived of a plan that may just work. She has established the Mommy Goes to College website and is asking for donations. Her plan is to pay it forward when she is out of school, when the website will become a bona fide charity generating donations for other moms in her position.

Please rush right over and read all about it. She has thought of everything.

I have recently discovered for myself how a relatively small amount of money put towards education can either open your world to endless possibilities and dreams fulfilled, or keep them just out of your reach. Through one person giving what is a relatively modest amount in their world, they can open up a whole new and improved world for the beneficiary of that generosity for generations to come. A small act of generosity can indeed be miraculous in the lives of others. It has been something that has been on my mind a lot lately, which is why when I got the email from Candace, I knew I had to get the word out.

Wouldn't you like to be a Fairy Godmother in a small way? Any donation from a penny on up will be received "with a grateful heart" and will help to make a difference. If you want to invest in a smart, deserving, and driven young mother who will make a positive difference in the world, this is your chance.

If you can't donate right now but still want to help, please pick up the Mommy Goes To College button from the sidebar----------->(scroll down, cut and paste the code to share) and spread the word in whatever way you can (twitter, facebook, blog etc) and then sit back and enjoy the good karma. Trust me it is a beautiful thing.

Thanks for reading!

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Denise said...

I wish her the best of luck. I added her button (& yours....didn't realize I didn't have it) to my blog.

I would donate if I could, but Marvin joined the ranks of the unemployed on Friday.

Tooj said...

Having the support of someone as genuine as you should make her successful. At least I hope so. I value and encourage education very much, and I love to see others striving for it, for whatever reason. We've currently found ourselves buried in medical bills and am currently searching for alternatives myself for extra income. I have faith things will lighten up and I hope then to give rather than seek.

Lesa Antone said...

What an awesome story!! I'll definitely head over to the site!!

By the way, I stopped by your blog cuz I love your name, and now that I've been here, I'm definitely following you. Follow Me??