Jump off that couch! (name that tune)…..(catch-up post #4)

Benj, me and some friends participated in our town’s Couch Potato 5K last month. Gabe, Gracie and Finny ran the 1K before our race.

I was still in the throes of some sort of nasty respiratory lurgy which was aggravating my asthma considerably, so I had not planned to run. However my cheapness (I had pre-registered) and the desire to support my son and friend who were running their first 5k prevailed and I decided to get out there knowing I could easily drop out if a breathing crisis should occur.

I must say it is so much more fun to ran a race with no time expectations/goals.  SO much more fun. I guess because then it turns into a jog or a fun-run. And those really are more fun. So perhaps being sick is the answer to a good racing experience? Who knows.

I got through the whole thing with only one puff on my OTC inhaler.  I later learned that the inhaler probably did a lot more harm then good and that I  should feel quite fortunate not to have had a heart attack….but in the  end no harm no foul. Of course this decision probably set back my recovery by a week….or two but I got me a free bright mustard coloured t-shirt and a free Panera bagel  at the end, and I think we can all agree that this is what really counts.

Benj and his friend Jessi ran an awesome race together (and both finished well before their mothers). Jill’s first attempt went amazingly well and my time was relatively ok too-all things considered.

The littles did wonderfully too.  Next year Daddy will be joining us. Won’t you Daddy?

  DSC_0648 DSC_0650 DSC_0644race     DSC_0636DSC_0635 jillypooesandkirstykinsbenjfinish


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Jill said...

We really and truly are naturally beautiful....no?

Nicolasa said...

How fun! I am running a 5k tomorrow!

cassie said...

lots of fun, im sure! :)

Anonymous said...

Aish Girl!!! Your competitive spirit will be the death of both of us!!! You really REALLY know better than to run when you have chest issues! Can't even find it in my heart to congratulate you because it might spur you on to repeated stupidity!