Schoooool’s out for the SUMMER~2010 Edition-(catch up post #1)

(I started writing this 10 days ago when school really was just out for the Summer…)

The main reason I have been AWOL lately has been due to the school wrap-up. I’m strangely compelled to attend every single event leading up to the last day of school. I think it is a sub-conscious desire to keep my children suspended in time for just a little while longer.

Here are some of the things I’ve seen lately:

Benj as captain of his team for the school Olympics:



Benj and Gabe competing in the 500 meters DSC_0593


Gracie and Finny’s field day…

DSC_0713 DSC_0730

I also got to go the award ceremony where Gracie was the winner of this for her class:DSC_0818 

So proud of our creative Caroline. Art is her great love.DSC_0805

Gabe won the Presidential Fitness Award-red patch-hooray for Gabe! (Doesn’t he look thrilled?)


Benj won several things including the red fitness patch and the President’s Award for Outstanding Academic Excellence-yeah Benj. (Doesn’t he look delighted?)

Next up: the Last-Day Lip Synch

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