This time for Africa!

Feeling exceedingly homesick and proud of my beautiful country right now. Mooi skoot on winning the first goal of the World Cup Bafana Bafana! You were beautiful.

Between obsessive World Cup viewing, keeping up with the summer pleasure pursuits of my chillens, striving for some sense of order on the home front, and studying for a test in a couple of weeks, I fear blogging may be sparse. But who knows, there is nothing like having a lot to do for finding reasons to procrastinate...and blogging is always my number one procrastination go-to.

Hope you are enjoying the magic with me, if's a little taste.

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Tooj said...

Well, I'm excited for those who are excited FOR the World I will be excited for you. :) But football/soccer isn't really my cup of tea...yet. My kids have expressed interest in getting signed up so I believe we'll be dragged into it sooner rather than later. For cousin who now lives in South Africa and NEVER been a sports fan is keeping us up to date on the EXCITEMENT she feels surrounding it all.

I have to catch up with all your other posts anyhow, so if you're slow to blog, that bodes well for me. :) Happy Saturday!

Redbonegirl97 said...

I have been all over World Cup these last couple of days. I can't wait to see a few more matches. Unfortunately I have to mute the tv because the vuvselas are driving me nuts, I guess they are working.

Peace, Love and Chocolate

Peg said...

What are you taking a test for? I thought you finished school!