The News

M’peeps. Forgive, I implore. I have not been feeling very well of late. Actually I have been feeling completely rubbishing of late. Hence the lack of news. However I am about to make up for that now. And how.

July has been an eventful month. Eventful with a capital E. Perhaps even a capital V too. Here are a few of the high-lights

I am now a certified personal trainer! Yes! I passed! I am so excited. Now I get to torture folk all official like.  If you are local-call me. If you aren’t,  I am looking into setting up some long-distance/cyber training. Maybe you’d be interested? The price cannot be beat. I know it works because I have a cyber-trainer and she kicks my bottom. I’ll keep you posted.

“I can do a 6 minute 20 second wall sit. Yeah-huh. I can! Check the board at the Community Center! What’s YOUR problem??”  (That may look like Jillian Michaels but it’s totally me.)


Yesterday I was set apart for 2 new callings! I am the Ward Activities Committee Chairperson and now I am also the 2nd counselor in the Primary Presidency.  I think it’s because I am wicked. They like to keep my type busy.  I am excited. Primary is a happy place.  We had our first activity on Saturday for Pioneer Day. It was fun. See?


So… here’s a riddle for you….what goes best with a new fitness/body conscious career and two new callings? Why a new baby of course!

What were you going to suggest? A maid? A maid!

Ahahahahaha…hahahahaha….hahahaha…. Breathe…..


SO! THAT was rather a surprise my friends. How much of a surprise?  Well let’s put it this way.  I took the test on a whim (or the suggestion of Aaron..but…same same). I had come home from a meeting at 11pm.  I posted a facebook update about how weepy and exhausted I felt.  I ate another jar of olives.  Aaron suggested a test. I scoffed at this concept since I had no reason to believe I was pregnant. I ranted about Things and ate some chocolate wishing aloud that we had more olives.  Aaron pointed out that I had a spare test from a previous adventure upstairs so I may as well…

I figured why not….I was headed that way anyway….I do love me some bathroom science now and again.

I did what you do with the test. I put the test to the side. I glanced at the test and wondered why the control line of the test (which had come up fast and furious)… was in the wrong spot…..I glanced again at the test. I wondered why there were 2 lines. I seemed to remember from the experience with tests back in the dark ages that there was only supposed to be one..unless… of course. But of course not.

I grabbed the instructions and reviewed the whole concept. Reading a pregnancy test is a fairly complex process but using my finely honed skills of deduction I navigated my way through it. I came to the stunning conclusion that the 2 lines could mean only one thing.


I stared at the People magazine on the floor of the bathroom. It seemed appropriate. I picked it up and turned the pages with exaggerated calm.


I attempted to remember my name.

I pocketed the test. I wandered downstairs. I strolled into the living room clutching a cup of rooibos tea. Aaron glanced up from the soccer registration he was engrossed in. “So, are you pregnant?”

“Hmm….yes. It would appear so”.

Aaron continues to type. He has no reason to believe anything I say. After a moment he looks up and notices my ashen face and white knuckles wrapped around the mug.

“let me see the test”

I wave it at him.

He stares at it critically to determine whether it has been amended with sharpie this time. 

Apparently not.

“Yes that does indeed look positive”

Continues to type

I continue to stand and stare.

It went on something like that for the next week or two…

So here we are.  We broke the news to the kids tonight. They were predictably ecstatic and agreed that my stomach looked a little bigger. Thanks guys. The baby is like..the size of a grape.DSC_0504

Gracie has been instructing me to to “pinch her” ever since.


Benj played it a little cool since he had apparently known this whole time. (Prenatal vitamins combined with violent puking, dr. visits and a new devotion to napping tipped that genius off).  That would explain the many spontaneous hugs I have been getting from him lately. I will post video of the “reveal” tomorrow. It should be quite cute. 

We are all excited. Even if mommy and daddy are still rather dazed (I won’t say confused..yes we know how this happens so you can save that really fresh and funny joke for another Mormon..) and even though mommy is as sick as a dog and looking like a battered wife under her make-up (from all the broken blood vessels from the less then graceful puking).

Up until now, our children have all been 2 years apart or less. My baby will be almost 7 when this one is born. So that’s different. Also? We weren’t having any more babies. If you don’t believe me I got rid of every last baby item a couple of weeks before we discovered. We really weren’t going to have any more. Not to say I was totally and completely over the whole baby thing. But I just assumed that was because I was like that. I love the babies.  Rationally and responsibly and consciously and all that. We were done producing them. The whole personal trainer certification thingie was strategically orchestrated to distract me from the fact that this Fall.. for the first time in 12 years I would be alone at home alllll the live long day. And I was getting very adjusted to that fact….

Life is funny.

The night after I found out, Finny hopped into bed and asked me why we couldn’t have our own baby. Then he counted on his fingers all the people who had babies and told me how unfair it was that we weren’t numbered amongst them. That made me smile inside.  A few days ago at Gymboree Gracie asked me almost tearfully why we couldn’t have a baby and assured me that she would love it so much even if it was a boy….When we went to TN with our friends our big boys rated hanging out with sweet 2 year old Aleah as a highlight which exceeded wake-boarding and tubing…I think this baby is going to be quite well-loved.

Btw if you want a laugh and you have time you should read or re-read this post and count the ironic statements. I was pregnant when I wrote that. I just didn’t know. I didn’t know when I wrote this either..hahaha…..ha…ha…

So that’s some of the high-lights friends. Thanks for hanging in with me.  Ginger-flavoured kisses….

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Kate@SurroundedbyPenises said...

How wonderful! Your baby is indeed going to be loved by all your older babies. SO great. Congrats to you all :)

dawn said...

How wonderful! I've been having a hard time keeping that secret, by the way.

Oh, and so much better you than me. But I'll live vicariously.

And I'll let you be my personal trainer any day.

Jen Lynn said...


Those are happy screeches because now you're gonna know how awesome it is to have a surprise baby that is a lot younger than your older ones, and how you can love her (cuz it'll be a girl) and appreciate her more when you're not stressed out about having other younguns to take care of too, and you can enjoy every tiny moment just like she's your first baby. It's gonna be pure bliss, I tell you. Hurray for you guys!!!!

Jen Lynn said...

PS I'm lovin' the intensity of the richardson/sayer faces in that picture

Jenny said...

Oh my goodness! Congratulations! I'm laughing at how you were getting used to the fact that you would have the house to yourself all day long starting this fall... well you have a few months of solitude! This little one will be soooooo spoiled by his/her big brothers and sisters. Just too bad that they will all be in school all day long, not able to help out so you can sleep. :0)

I hope you feel better soon!

Peg said...

Oh my gosh! It sounds like a Jen Lynn story.

You're an awesome mom and I'm sure this little one is anxiously awaiting life in your loving family.

When is he/she due?

Michelle said...

You have just made me cry some seriously drippy tears all over my keyboard. This baby must be someone really extra special to have chosen you and Aaron. G-d bless you guys and I am beyond delighted for you.

You have made my day.


Samantha said...

I wasn't expecting THAT in the middle of your post :-) Congratulations! Hope that ginger does the trick.

{ L } said...

Wow! I thought becoming a personal trainer was big news...then you had more. ;) Congratulations on this new sweet blessing. I would have been shocked too. You're such a good, loving mom! Its cute how your kids responded. And that is AWESOME about the pt certification. I've always admired trainers.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations!!!! The whole family are going to be great parents! I agree with Jen-Lynn. You will have so much fun playing with your little doll.

Lots of love,

{april kennedy} said...

Congrats, Kirsty and family! What fun exciting news for your kids. Now, I can live vicariously through you. I think we have decided we are done trying for awhile. For some strange reason, or maybe by divine design, I felt like a complete family (of 4) at Blake's baptism. It was a beautiful and sad moment all at the same time. Watch me show up pregnant next month while we are not trying!!

Hope the pukies go away soon.

Kallie said...

i must be like aaron (not that i don't TRUST you) but i read and read and waited and waited for the J/K at the end but then i realized it was TRUE! wow! now you can finally put to use those yummy lotions and soaps you know you love. so happy for you.

ANewKindOfPerfect said...

Yay Kirsty! I am so excited for you. Gracie is adorable, I'm glad she'll love the baby even if it's a boy. LOL


2busy said...

Congratulations! Time to officially feel overwhelmed. I would...New baby, two new callings, new job...I refuse to do two callings. I am evil like that.

I want a baby, but it is too late. hubs was snipped. I guess I am waiting for grandbabies.

Trainer T.s Fitness said...

Congrats! How exceiting about the news and about your certification!

Your very blessed, and can't wait to see how adorable you will be during your pregnacy.

Melinda said...

WOW congrats. I hope you don't want Gracies dresses back. They have been thru two or three girls since. I do have some of your favorites if you are feeling nostalgic. Once again, congratulations.

Mama Thompson said...

Best news I have read very exciting!

Aunt LoLo said...

Oh, mama...congrats on EVERYTHING!!! The certificate, the two new callings...and, oh yeah. The new bibi. Can't imagine a woman who could pull it off with more grace and humor than you! (I'm wording this all very, VERY carefully because well...I'm kinda sorta hoping to avoid that situation at LEAST until my youngest can sit through a meal without flinging all his food on the floor and sticking his plate on his head. Which means I'll most likely find myself joining you in about a month. Heh.)

chacha said...

Congratulations! I was reminded that you posted an old birthing story post not too long ago, too, an we were all "you're having a baby!?" and you were like "no, it's an old post!"


Amz said...

Congrats! Welcome to the land of 5!!! Enjoy the ride!

Stef said...

Aweee!!! Great things come when you least expect them dont they??? Im very happy for you wonderful blessing from God!!!! Im soo very happy for you and the whole family. Huge hugs for you sweety!!!
Love ya.

Lydia Moon said...

Congratulations! What an exciting (though unexpected) surprise for your family! And won't it be so nice to have older children to help with a new baby? I'm envious!

Samantha said...

Kirsty! How wonderful - and oddly coincidental. A best friend from high school was recently shocked by the same news. Congratulations!

Tooje said...

I was reading FB this morning and wondered....did I miss a blog post about SOMETHING HUGE???? So then I ventured to Blogland, and yes! I did miss it! Well, I didn't miss it, I just hadn't come to read it yet. Woooooooooooooow.

Loving this news. I love reading your life as a mom, I think you are fantastic. I think your kids sound heavenly.

And it's not just Mormons who are on the receiving end of that oh so lovely joke, "Don't you know how that happens?"

Seriously, people need to be punched sometimes. Bringing babies into your world makes everyone in your world, well known or not known at all, have an opinion. About everything baby related. Those who don't make babies think we're overpopulating the world. Those who only made one or two, (on purpose), think they need to ask if we're knowledgeable in the entire fertilization process. It's never ending.

I'm so happy for you and your family. Yea!!!!!!

Jen Villanueva-Henkle said...

Kirsty! Usually I just silently lurk around your blog, but I cannot let this pass without a BIG CONGRATULATIONS to your whole family! I am so happy for you (and a little jealous, too!)! You will all have so much fun! Are you doing a home birth? I COMPLETELY recommend it! Can't wait to hear more news! I am sure your kids are ecstatic. Alex just told me he wants a girl to name Flora. Maybe you like the name? :)

Sending so much love and happy birthing energy your way,

Lucy said...

Ha ha this exact thing happened to me in a way and its funny that I was just looking at my old trainer school books this am. I purchased the whole ACE program 6 years ago. I quit my job and was going to pursue my dream. Then I got pregnant and I never finished. Good for you that you got it done before you found out you were pregnant. Still making the UBP rounds

MrsM said...

Holy cats lady! I am gone just a few Sorry to hear about the terrible morning sickness-I've been there and it's the worst =( Still, congrats to you all of course!