Scenes from the 4th…


(A shot from the fireworks show that almost was not.)

We hosted our annual, last minute, shall we do something this year? July 4th gathering. It was a sedate-ish little affair with the 4th falling on a Sunday and everything…but lovely all the same DSC_0314

That’s the lovely Michele (watch for her name in lights), me and of course Nathan. Bearing forth about why Ghana actually won (if you don’t count people who cheat as winners). Right Nathan? Shemly maintained admirable focus for the entire event.


Here we have our friend Betsye who is visiting from Vietnam where she is currently living with her husband. One of the events she plans for her visit is the birth of her baby (due next week). It was about 1 million degrees on our deck yesterday afternoon, which is why I cannot fathom a) Betsye’s unwhiney and cheerful demeanour, and her insane yet extremely gracious decision to come and sit out with us instead of hiding in the heavily air conditioned house with the other wise folk. b) the fact that the nice imported-from England soccer coach continued to wear his little jacket for the duration” despite the fact that he acknowledged that it was “a little sweaty”. In the middle is Bill. He did not do anything remarkable whilst sitting in the gazebo. He is however, remarkably awesome.


Here are the aforementioned wise people. To the left are our fairy god-parents Chuck and Joan. (They also happen to be the real parents of the very pregnant, outside sitting Betsye). Today they moved to Indiana (it has not hit me yet-hysteria is sure to ensue when it does). Their kindness, generosity and goodness knows no bounds.

To the right are our wonderful neighbours-the Richters. As an example of their wonderfulness: I called them the hour before the party was to start and asked them if they had a)anything for Gracie to wear as she had awoken to the fact that she was unpatriotically attired and was wailing over this fact in a banshee like manner b) any ice-cream because I had forgotten to pick up any and it struck me that everyone had said, “oh we’ll bring a salad”. (Not that there is anything wrong with the salad). In true form they showed up with a) A lovely patriotic t-shirt for Gracie b) A very delicious salad c) Ice-cream AND toppings and d) A freshly baked (still hot) butterscotch cake/dessert thing which Aaron has been swooning over ever since. Don’t you wish you had neighbours like that?

And then of course Mateo who has a talent for inserting himself into as many photographs as possible.


Here’s Finny fawning over his beloved Aleah (who turned 2 yesterday). I attended her birth and cannot believe that it was two years ago and also how much a little person can learn and grow in just two years. And there is Gracie who wrote Aleah a birthday card wherein she wished that Aleah was her sister. And there we have Mateo…


Dalton (Joan and Chuck’s grandson) showing us just how hot it was. And neighbour Will-who was tentative about coming over (when I was around) due to the fact that I went a tad postal a couple of years ago when he beheaded my beloved tulips with his light saber. No plants have since connected with his light saber, so his continuing PTSD was surprising and saddening to me. I think we’re cool now.DSC_0344


Here’s our lovely friend Erianne (she has quite the tale to tell about her name by the way..she looks so innocent….), mother of Aleah. And Finny. And of course..Mateo.


My dear friends Carol and Amy-delighted to have their photos taken.


What is wrong with my sons? This is what they instinctively do when told to “smile”. The normal kids are Samuel and Keller.

After we had ingested enough of food and drink , talked about soccer and sweated enough, we went over to watch some fireworks. (There was no funding for them until the last moment so we were extra appreciative). I may have taken one or two photos. Here is a random sampling…


DSC_0454 DSC_0466 DSC_0470 DSC_0471 DSC_0472

DSC_0469 DSC_0479 DSC_0480 DSC_0493 DSC_0508 DSC_0502

Here’s awesome Aaron. I have the best husband. I really do.


Here we are all waiting looking catatonic I think. I was (am) exceptionally tired. It appears my friends were too.




And that’s all folks..with a great big South African, “happy 4th y’all” I bid you adieu. I sure do know some awesome Yanks..



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Jen Lynn said...

:( posts like that make me a little sad inside. Hello all you cool BG people.

{ L } said...

What a fun celebration. <3 I really loved all the pics of people watching the captured some good photos!

Also, I wanted to give you a big thank you for your support with the picnic contest I did recently! :) I so appreciate it.

Anonymous said...

Looks like a great 4th July party! And your photos are, well, phenomenal! Please ask Tiffany for the recipe - the sound of it made me drool!
Love ya.


Trainer T.s Fitness said...

Looks like a great time and I really love the pictures!

Those kids look like a handful, I am happy you had fun.

MrsM said...

You are a GREAT photographer!! And your kids? So very cute. If I didn't have three of my own holding the titles, I would venture to say they are the cutest.

Glad you all had a great fourth :)

Tooje said...

Your party looks fabulous. Can I come next year? I promise to sneak into pictures like Mateo if I do.