Dinner for...7

Y'all there is so much to catch up on but first let's get to business. CSN stores invited me to check out their dazzling array of dining room furniture.

I was happy to do so, as I was just bemoaning the fact that our dining room table has 6 spots a fact I always took as a sure sign that our family was complete. And soon we shall be 7. So much for signs.

Actually that is not true, if we open it up, it becomes a nice big square 8 (which I take as a sign that we are supposed to have a maid to help with the baby ;) . However there are Target bathroom stalls larger then our dining room, so I can't see how that is going to work out. I suppose we shall have to move.

I have a French Country wannabe thing going on in that tiny space so I think this is kind of cool, it looks like it could be expanded and folded with very little fuss. Can't post a photo for some reason so click on the link.

For space saving you can't beat this idea but it's a bit too reminiscent of our local Dairy Queen for comfort.

What is your dream dining room table? Is it living in your dining room?

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Koala Green said...

Ok that corner unit is totally a favorite of mine. I love that set up!!! My Dining room set can fit 8 but alas that never happens or so rarely the middle piece is a permanent fixture on my wall. I liked this one http://www.diningroomsdirect.com/Comfort-Decor-RDT-200-RCH179-LIG1104.html it kind of looks like what we have.