WFMW: Morning Sickness Miracle

morning sickness relief cure

So here's the thing. I've been in morning sickness hades. My to-do list each day has consisted of sleeping and trying not to barf. Lest you think I'd be losing weight as a happy by-product of this barfaliciousness.....well no....I also tend to graze listlessly on anything and everything I think may help the situation. Which later leads to heart-burn. And I look six months pregnant due to the bloat.

The other night I was getting rather desperate. I was on the heinous Zofran that was prescribed for me, dealing with the super sucky side effects of that (more of that below) AND I had just puked 2x in the space of an hour. Knowing that my morning sickness usually only starts gaining momentum at around this stage of my pregnancies and lasts for about 24 weeks, I became alarmed and asked Aaron to give me a blessing.

He did and promised me that I would feel better and know what I would need in order for this to occur. Immediately after this I remembered a friend recommending a "wonder drug" called Dilectin. When I looked it up I was saddened to learn that it was a Canadian drug and not prescribed here. Apparently they prefer to mess around with giving horrible chemo drugs to pregnant women rather then tried and tested proven safe and effective drugs. Dilectin has been prescribed for miserable Canadian preggos for over 30 years and has been proven to be safe and extremely effective. I find it works about a gajillion times better then Zofran (which makes me dizzy, gives me a wicked head-ache and turns my digestive system into cement-all common side effects) not to mention Zofran is only kinda sorta assumed to be safe....greeeeat.

This is how you can recreate Dilectin if you aren't lucky enough to live where they prescribe it.

1/2 unisom (I break the 25mg tabs in half)
2 x 25 mg B12 vitamins (actually B6 is usually used but I find b12 works much better)
Take this cocktail every 12 hours and get your life back.

I've been doing the 1/2 unisom over the course of several pregnancies to deal with the awful early pregnancy insomnia I always get, and it totally helped me sleep and wake up less sick but the addition of the B vitamins has made it a true miracle for all day/night nausea relief.

Since I was told to stop taking my prenatal due to the nausea, I've been taking a folic acid with DHA supplement. It has B12 in it too. (Don't take indiscriminate amounts of B vitamins since you can totally overdose on vitamins and that is serious business)

Hallelujah I say. Hallelujah. In the last two days I have gone shopping, gone swimming twice, and started exercising again. Hooray for Canadian medicine! Hooray for the internet! Mostly...hooray for Priesthood blessings!

for more of what works for people, check out we are that family

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Alana, Author of Domestically Challenged said...

SO glad you got some relief! I would have given a limb to get relief when I was preggers with my daughter. I almost landed in the hospital - bleh.

Glad you feel better!

suzannah {so much shouting, so much laughter} said...

unisom is magic for me, too, and just today women at le leche league were singing the praises of b vitamins for nausea.

so glad you're feeling better. (and oh man, the side effects on zofran were actually worse than the nine-months of near-constant vomiting!)

blessings on your pregnancy

Maria D. @ DownrightDomesticity said...

Aw man, I wish I'd known about this seven months earlier! But I will definitely keep this informational gem tucked away for the next pregnancy. Glad to know you're feeling better!

Jendeis said...

So glad you got some relief, and hoping it stays that way!

Morning sickness for me quickly turned into hyperemesis, requiring an IV for fluids for 2 weeks and 14 weeks on a subcutaneous pump delivering Zofran 24 hours a day.

The worst part, as you mentioned, was the complete stoppage of the digestive system. What a nightmare!

Next time around (w/ G-D's help), I'm definitely going to keep the idea of the B vitamins in mind, along with starting constipation prevention remedies from the very beginning.

Kelsey said...

You are an angel from heaven! Seriously! Just woke up today (5 weeks Preggo) and my nausea kicked in. Horrible...sweaty...super nauseous. No throwing up yet than God. I took this combo and not even ten mins later I can feel a difference! Thank you so much!!!!

Genny said...

Ok, so I've been using this remedy for the past week and at first it helped but now it doesn't seem to be. I'm not able to find B 12 in mg, only mcg so I'm wondering if I'm not taking enough. I started out using B 6 but then switched to 5000 mcg of B 12. Any suggestions? I'm getting dizzier just typing this!! Please e-mail me if you can! Thanks, Genny

Kirsty said...

Genny I will email you but putting this for general reference. I recently heard that you can up the dose of the unisom to a full tablet every 12 hours. Some people find it easier taking it in the mornings although I really liked the fact that it helped me to sleep since I was always sickest at night. Good poor thing!