Do you want to be my guinea pig?

So since I am now with personal training certification but feeling less then 100% I thought I would put all the time in bed with lap top to good use and experiment with some cyber training.

Would you like to be a part of my experiment?
I'm starting a cyber training group for a limited number of people (I want to keep it small since it is experimental so just a few spaces left).

Since it's a group, the intro price for one month is just $10!

Here's how it works: I'll post daily workouts on a private blog (designed to be performed with minimal equipment at home) 5 days per week along with extra challenges/tips/motivation

The deal includes aily check-ins w/ me for a high level of accountability and to answer any questions you may have. You will also have the option of checking in with others in the group for community motivation. Email me: kirsty DOT sayer AT gmail DOT COM if you are interested.

In other news it has been hovering around the 70's all's beginning to feel a lot like Autumn and dahlings I could not be more thrilled. There is nothing like constant nausea and being holed up in a sweaty bedroom all summer to feed your anticipation for Autumn.

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Samantha said...

Hi! Sorry you're not feeling well! But I may be interested in your little expiriment here - I need motivation and reminders and HELP! (if there's space left....)

Janet said...

Oh, the Moses basket, what a treasure. Looks like there is much fun to be had. Kudos to you for hanging through it all. I remember well the overwhelming feeling of those pukey days.