A year ago I was recovering from doing this with my son.

That was fun (when it was over).
Today I am recovering from getting up at 6am to cheer my kids on.

I consider that a monumental achievement given the internal marathon my body is currently running.  I didn’t feel left out at all because when I got home today I felt the same level of fatigue as I felt last year. When I got out the car today still buttoning my 1/2 buttoned shirt to cover my maternity waist band as all the skinny little runners jogged by in their sports bra, bikini bottoms and gloves (it was 60 degrees and raining, you've got to wear those gloves even if you don't want to cover up your killer abs with a t-shirt) the thought occurred, "oh how the mighty have fallen" but I am trying to remind myself that this is just temporary and I have a goal to run the 5k next year with bambino in stroller if necessary. Maybe the 1/2 again in 2012? Yes, definitely. Who is with me.

I was overjoyed to watch my kids give it all they've got. They truly enjoy it and that makes me so happy. I know at their age competition just freaked me out (it still does to be honest-I don't enjoy it at all) and I would never have considered participating in events like these. But they do it, they go all out. They don't worry if they've trained or if they will win or lose. They just like to see what they can do. It's a thrill to watch.

Aaron attributes fact that all the kids do stuff like this to my “genes” and I pointed out to him that I am really not a natural runner. I am not talented at running. I am not built for it. I have powerful little legs and quite a bit of mental endurance, and that's about all I have going for me. I was not built for speed, I am asthmatic, I have an unnaturally high heart rate, I have these crazy short little legs, I have boobs. To get even respectable speeds I have to train like a maniac, and frankly I value my health more then respectable speeds these days.

No. Running is not in my genes.  But it’s in my family.

I learned it from my dad. He challenged me as a total couch potato, asthmatic, completely non- athletic, uncompetitive 17 year old to run with him. I can't remember what spurred me to take up the gauntlet but I'm so glad I did. I remember how amazed I was when I ran my first mile. And my first 1/2 marathon 2 months later. I was hooked. I have stuck with it off and on ever since. And so has he. Now I have a bunch of kids and he has had a stroke and countless other injuries but every time we talk the chat inevitably turns to running.  On the rare occasions we get together, we always go for a run. It’s our thing.

It gratifies me to know that my kids learned from me. They do not have running in their genes (at least none that I am responsible for) but they have it in their history. They have always known their mom to run. They have run with me since they were little people. And lo and behold, they are turning out to be pretty good at it.

My mom pointed it out today that had I not been a "runner" my kids would in all likelihood not be runners either. If my dad had not been a runner, in all likelihood neither would I be. His choices, persistence and invitation (and subsequent patience with my whining) have affected 2 generations to be healthier, more confident and to do something that brings us together as a family. It's a good thing.

So here are my rock stars. Today, Gabe, Gracie and Finny ran the 1/2 mile.
Gabe won-in 3:30 YEAH Gabey baby! He has been coughing a lot and looked absolutely frozen stiff with cold when he began, he was two behind for most of the race so I was so excited to see him pull ahead. He told me this afternoon that he was going to let the kid in front of him win but then he decided that this was his last chance to win this race and he went for it. Lest you be skeptical I have no doubt that this inner conflict was indeed raging in Gabe. He is truly that sweet, unselfish and self-sacrificing.


Gracie and Finny-shaved 10 seconds off last year's time and finished well under 5 minutes despite the fact that Gracie has been battling the same wicked cough as Gabe. She is really not herself and if I were in her condition, I would have scoffed at running a race but she was game. What a girl. Finny finished in a blaze of glory. Love his determined little face.



Benjamin ran the 5k. It was his fourth race this week. Yes that's right. 4th. He has had 3 cross country meets in 90 degree heat all week. Plus practice, plus soccer practice. Plus very, very long days of school, piano, scouts and all the in between. I am exhausted when I think of his routine but he never complains and gets it all done.
He came 3rd in his age group of 10-14. He finished in 25: 22! I am amazed by him. I dream of that finish on my freshest most well trained day.(It will never happen). He has also been rocking at cross country. His best time was 15 minutes. In that kind of heat. That's impressive in my book.


(The bald guy next to Benj won the race in 15:22. Today was his 40th birthday. I freaking LOVED THAT). Btw,the race was bigger then it appears from this clump of contestants. Not sure where everyone else was hanging..


I love my kids. I love that they aren't afraid to try and that they always try their best.
Here they are being led by Benj in some stretches prior to running. He’s the expert now.

  DSC_0686  DSC_0688          

And with our awesome friend Matt. Although I’m not sure if I want to be friends anymore since he decided earlier this week to “try” the 1/2 marathon. Having not run more then 9 miles before. He finished in 1:44. Ugh.  Don’t you want to smack him? I attribute his success to my incredible training. Right Matt? ;)


My little champions…


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dawn h-s said...

And then Gabe went on to play an inspired game of soccer....

Anonymous said...

Dad was very flattered that you think you owe your running to him. And good on you! Those kids will rise up and call you blessed when they are healthy and slim in their middle years. An exercising parent is a wonderful example. I am desparately walking at the office in the afternoon and going to gym on alternate evenings to get the meat off for the wedding pics. Aish! Why not 3 months ago????