ABsolutely adore this photo Aaron took. It’s not often I can say that. I am generally really critical of my husband’s photographic efforts, but he was working with a faulty lens at a distance and still he captured this completely adorable sight. This (the blonde kid with the arrow to his head) is my twelve year old, Benj.  Sometimes he seems so grown up to me.  Sometimes is he soo almost a teenager and I can hardly believe he used to be a little little boy. But in this picture I see my tiny 3 year old cherub.  I LOVE the fact that he is at the start of a race, (my least favourite place to be),  surrounded by strangers, many of whom seem to be a lot bigger then him,  and he has this private, happy little smile of  delighted anticipation. He doesn’t know his photo is being taken (Aaron was far away with a zoom lens), he wasn’t giggling with friends, he was just smiling, in the moment.  Loving it.  It makes my heart happy.  There’s something so innocent and sweet and joyful about it to me. Today he ran 2 miles in 13:01.  His best time yet.  I think that is awesome. One thing I did not realize is that in cross country you really have to fight to get out of the pack. I think anyone who can make good time while having to deal with other people intentionally getting in your way, is awesome. He was also (accidentally) tripped. Considering I run 1 mile in not much less then that time these days….I am officially impressed.
benj running
Earlier last week my two younger boys ran in a cross country invitational. They are not on a cross country team, they just did it for fun. I’m not sure how fun it was though. It was a hateful day weather wise. Hot, hot hot with a strong, dry wind. The perfect recipe for dehydration. Just gross. They did great though.
Can you hear the Chariots of Fire Theme? Did I mention this was a HOT race?
gabe finish tiredfinny
Gabe and his buddies. They all rocked it.triumphant trio
(Gabe came 15th in his group-it was a huge group and Finny –who was not interested in posing with his ribbon-came 25th in his-another huge group. Let’s just say they were each in groups of 2 million. ) That sounds about right.
Today has been a good day. I worked out, I shopped, I cooked (!) I KNOW!  I am exhausted…but I am not pukey…and I am not sneezing or itchy. Even if it was just a one day reprieve, I am deeply grateful. I am almost remembering what it is like to be who I once was…almost. ;)

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Jen Lynn said...

You all are runnin' fools. I think it's awe-some!

(look at Eli S. He's all grown up)