Kirsty's Ultimate Playlist (for running, walking or lying in bed thinking about those things)

Hello darlings

I am in a rather good mood. I have gone on a run or a walk or a run/walk 5 days this week. It feels so good to do something that makes me feel in control of and familiar with my body again. My dog is very happy too.

The personal trainer in me at this moment must hasten to add that I worked out each day this week despite feeling exhausted or nauseated (or indeed, having just puked). Now obviously there are times when these things will completely incapacitate a person. (See..My Summer Spent In Bed) and then one has no option but to go with it. Bleh.

But (and that's a big But(t)-haha...erhem... for me this week and for indeed I dare say for most people who aren't feeling "well enough to work out" they are merely major deterrents to motivation. Surmountable obstacles.

And this is when the spirit must tell the body what to do.

Not the other way around.

My friend Dawn is a breast cancer survivor and a great inspiration to me. She is very active despite the fact that she is still getting nasty cancer treatments and dealing with fatigue, pain and other issues. There was a time when she had no option but to lie around but now that she is technically well enough to work out, she often doesn't feel like it. And she has every valid excuse not to. But excuses don't get us where we want to be. So she does. Her spirit is in control. I recently read on her blog (which you absolutely should be reading) I think, that she uses as inspiration a line from an ad that says, "Someone who has what you have, is out doing what you're not". I love it. I have used it as my mantra this week. I often add "someone who has something a lot worse then what you have, is out there doing what you aren't".

My rule of thumb for whether or not my body should exercise on any given day is this...if I can get out of bed and get into my work out wear...then I can continue to walk to at least the end of the block. If I can't do more then that, I can come home. However by the end of the block this week I always felt I could do more. There was one day that I did turn back earlier then planned because I was not feeling better, I was feeling worse. And that is a sure sign that one should turn back, (I am not about "pushing through it" when sick or when pregnant) but I guarantee you that if you are well enough to get dressed and to the end of the block, you will more then likely feel better as the walk/jog progresses. Bodies are made to move.

While things are still somewhat unpredictable in the puke department (ie: every-time I think it is behind me...I find that it isn't-oops there it is) I am certainly feeling considerably and progressively better each day this week though. Yesterday I even deep-cleaned my kitchen. I know! It's a miracle. Truly, it feels like a miracle. I kept singing the line from Paved paradise, "don't know what you've got 'til it's gone" as I wiped and swept. Being healthy enough to clean my kitchen is blessing.

SO!!!! Now that you have endured the unsolicited lecture/pep talk let's get to the promised playlist. While I was lying around in bed all summer pining for my formerly active life, I came across/remembered several songs to add to my iPod to be ready for the time when I would feel up to getting out there again. I figured if they made me want to move in that condition they'd definitely keep me going once I felt better. I launched it this week. I call it: "She's Back". ;)

People always seem to want motivating music for their iPods so I thought I'd share. I love it for the type of interval workout I am doing. I am currently doing a 1:1 walk/run for about 5 km's and this is the perfect length/mix of cadence for that. You might like some, one or none of them..

Say Hey (I love you)-Michael Franti (so00 much fun-dare you not to wiggle)

Kissed It (Macy Gray)-especially perfect for intervals

Wavin Flag (I downloaded the Young Artists for Haiti version-gotsta do my part you know, but you (and I) might (do) prefer the original by K'naan-it's faster too

Beauty in the World-Macy Gray (give it a minute to warm up-such lovely words, great beat)

So What-Pink (for when you need to get your mad on ;)

Don't Stop Believing (Glee Version-much peppier then the original)

Waka Waka (Reminds me of the fun of the World Cup this summer and fun motivating lyrics-watch the video)

Shosholoza (you might not appreciate this, but it stirs my South African soul and makes me imagine I am running across an African veld with the zebras and giraffes...:)

Hello Goodbye (Glee version) for warm-up/cool down. Reminds me of this

(scroll down half way) and makes me smile and get a bit teary some days (Downloading music that reminds you of a fun/energetic event is always a great idea for an extra boost and some happy distraction)

Have you worked out today??! Download some new music and then...Go!Go!Go!

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jill said...

I am so very happy u are feeling better...Also, our playlists couldn't be any more different!