Labours of love…

Labour day dawned cool and cloudy.
It was perfect for gardening.
Cue good friends the Richardsons who jogged over bright and early and got to work on our jungle/overgrown vineyard.
Three months of total neglect over the course of a summer doth not a pretty garden make.  I wish I had “before” photos. Or after shots…But here are a few “during”  action shots.

Amy is such a willing worker.  Aaron v.tree
The kids cleaning up the HUGE pile of grapevines that were piled in the drive-way and alley. They were motivated by donuts…(Mike and Will the neighbours helped too-unfortunately no photos-they are represented by their car and their garage..)
Amy showing the men how it’s done..
I even got my pukey self in on the action….it felt good in a pukey sort of way….(there was some debate over whether or not puking on the plants would be beneficial to them…I’m going with…no)
It was hard for Nathan to stop once he got in the groove with those clippers..(he’s the same when he gets going with his hair clippers…)
Then it was time to party on the Richardson’s lovely deck..but first…the kids decided to paint the neighbour’s treehouse (with permission)…and themselves.
Get down and boogie
Alas I continued to be pukey for most of the day (so much for that all being over with the first trimester)  but not so much that I could not sample the most heavenly, wondrous corn I have ever had. It had cayenne pepper, lime butter and other stuff on it. Remind me to ask Amy for the recipe…ohhhhhh…so good.
Speaking of reminding and food…I remembered sometime that evening that I had promised to take dinner to a mom who had just had the ultimate in Labour Days. Oops. She ended up with a Little Ceasars $5 pizza. Lucky lady!!  While I was there I snapped a few photos of her (and her husband’s) most gorgeous and long suffering baby. I wish I could show you this child in her entirety-she is a doll –oh her kissy lips!!! But I haven’t asked permission so you’ll have to do with the feet.. and maybe a fist and an ear..for being good. Oh she is scrumdillyumpcious!
mckennafoot mckennaear  mckennafist pink toes
What did you do for Labour Day?

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{april kennedy} said...

I puked on Labor Day too...but not from pregnancy...just from bad food camping the night before. We drove home with ziploc bags and hubby and kids noses' buried in their shirts. Good times.

Hope your pukeys go away soon. They suckey!

Jen Lynn said...

Dude, that's the Richardson's backyard? I'm coveting.