My lovely baby bump..and other smiley moments today.

so I finally seem to have a bit of a legitimate (ie not a result of bloating) baby bump. "Baby is now the size of a large navel orange" they say, and with it's accompanying home, and my decided lack of "area" (there really is not as much space for everything to spread out flat, as there would be for a taller girl) I almost feel as though a bump is ok...(I always feel a bit sheepish about a sporting a baby bump until about 20 weeks or if it's not really that weird?)

Yesterday I wore a tight knit t-shirt which showed off the little bump very obviously and when I came downstairs, Gabe saw me and gasped with such delight, totally involuntarily. It as the sweetest, cutest thing. He got this shy smile, he seemed to be as surprised by his little gasp as I was, but still exclaimed softly, "oh there's the baby! It's really there!"

Today, I spread my hands over my belly again pulling my dress tight over the bump and said, "look Gabey!". Again there was that involuntary, completely delighted gasp of joy. I said, "does that make you happy?" Again, the big, shy grin and he said quietly, " Yes it does! It's getting bigger every day!".

Ordinarily, a comment regarding the size of my abdomen growing larger every day (pregnant or not would fill me with faint irritation and outrage) but I could not stop grinning for hours after. It was the most sweet and tender thing and it makes me get a bit teary remembering it. It made every pukey moment totally worth it. It must have been a tough few months for my kids, with their mom being somewhat AWOL and no truly obvious signs of why, I think these signs of it being more real are fun and helpful for us all.

Introducing this baby to his or her siblings, is going to be the most amazing day. Never will a child be more doted upon. Never will a mother be in more trouble when the big sibs go back to school after a weekend or summer break. Home-schooling is looking more appealing all the time ;)

Other smiley moments today include:

  • I was at the school library today and Finny just came and put his sweaty little head on my knee, in front of all his classmates. He's a cool kid but not too cool to cuddle with his mama. They all looked intrigued (not all of them realize he is my son :) One sweet little toothless girl said to me when she checked out your book "I know who your brother's FINNY" :)
  • The delight the 1st graders (and I) had at the unexpected end to this wonderful book. My awesome friend Jill found it for me to read to them.
  • I took Gabe to his piano lesson and he said "bye" to Finny. Finny responded with a casual but affectionate "bye Gabey baby". I love that.
  • Making faces at Gabe behind his gym teacher's back today. Watching him contort his face into every expression in an attempt not to laugh. I love how Gabe always looks shy and delighted whenever he sees me. Even if it is just in the kitchen at home. It is so endearing.
  • Benj reflecting on how hard working his father is, as we chatted in the car en route to his piano lesson. He really is you know. He is currently doing the work of 3 men at work (I only know this because Aaron had to adjust his schedule a bit, he never, ever complains or makes a deal about it) and the work of 10 men (or one woman ;) at home. I love that Benj recognizes his dad's work ethic and emulates it. They both get so much done with absolutely zero drama or fanfare.
  • Gracie coming home from soccer complete with sweaty, happy face to be excitedly summoned by Finny to check out the newly unveiled coin counting jar. He was so excited to count change for me and she was so indulgent of his discovery. Prior to this he had been my little accountant, putting backward numbers in the columns as he counted each pile. It was cute.
  • Gracie coming to give me kisses all evening long, her pretty damp hair smelling so nice from the shower.
  • Finny drew me a beautiful picture of a red flower against a blue sky today. He told me earnestly that he had considered a darker blue pastel for the sky, but had decided it would not be as "happy". He was so right.
  • Reading my kids Enid Blyton stories from my childhood for bedtime stories.Worth every nauseated moment. I am dying laughing at the Amazon review by the way, seeing that they have changed the names of "Dick and Fanny" to "Rick and Frannie". Ah for the good ole, British days, when those names were perfectly right and proper.
  • Feeling somewhat productive today, even though I am feeling decidedly pukey now as penance for "overdoing it". Oh to feel "normal" again. Never take it for granted my friends.

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Amz said...

I am the same as you...I feel a bit sheepish sporting a bump until you can't mistake it as such. Otherwise, I feel like it is just an over-grown stomach. Glad you are getting to experience it all again! I hope I can too.

~ Keara said...

What?! No picture?! Darn. I'm sure it's a lovely baby bump. I was hoping to see it.

Brittany said...

ahem, pictures....ahem....

Jessica said...

Awwwwww....I wanna seeeeeeeeeeee!!

MrsM said...

I think that showing a PICTURE of the little bump is due now. I'm sure you are adorable!

paparazzimom said...

awwwww, your hormones are rubbing off and making me teary.

ROFL at the work of ten men, or one woman.

Your kids are just too sweet.

Tooje said...

I am surprised to hear you say you were sheepish about the bump! I took you to be more like me in that regard.....when the bump can be seen, it's all out, all the time. :) I loved getting to wear clothes that showed it. In fact, with my last pregnancy, I never wore the tent shirts, as I call them. I always wore form fitting shirts. They actually made me feel smaller and less house-ish. Your children make me smile and I don't even know them.