Sunday before sleep

Before I sleep I have to say congratulations to my beautiful friend Jessica who just gave birth to a big, beautiful boy child. I am so excited for her. Oh little baby boys...they are just too delicious. Are they not?!

Speaking of delicious I can't wait for that first night after baby arrives. It is the most wonderful, deliriously happy, tired, amazed, amazing mix of the finest emotions. I always resolve that same night that this cannot be the last time I get to experience it..hence....I MUST DO THIS AGAIN!(Apparently I always do....hmmm).

I am feeling quite well as of this moment, however I am hesitant to get too celebratory as I have been cycling through nausea, vomiting, allergies and heartburn for much of the weekend. The allergy meds would kick in (Dr. approved don't shoot!), when the puking would start...then that brief (oh so brief) feeling of wellbeing after the puking, followed closely by the heartburn. And so it went. Ah yes..( I will read this when I am resolving the night after childbirth to DO THIS AGAIN!).

Add to the special combination of symptoms: 8 soccer games since Friday night (and a cross country meet-Benj had 2 games and the meet in one day)-I admittedly did not go to all of these events but I was awake at 5:30am on Saturday so it felt like I had actually participated in all of them by the end of the day. It was not what one might call a restful weekend. But the weather was beautiful (cool, crisp, clear) and it all...good.

Healthy children, helpful husband, kind friends and is good.

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The Sayer Family said...

You are one amazing mamma! Hope you continue to feel better.

Jessica said...

**smooch** Love you!!