The Intelligender Test Has Spoken....

But first! Via, the winner of the Intelligender giveaway is:

- who said...

"I'm 15 weeks right now and waiting to get a call telling me when my ultrasound is. Should be first week or so of November as well. I'd love to see what this test says!!

I think you're carrying a girl (and I hope mine is a boy!)"

Congratulations Callista! Hope you get your boy! Please email me at with your mailing address.

And as for moi? I got up super early on Saturday morning (after getting up 12 times during the night to blow my nose) in order to catch that first pee-pee. I must say, it was rather exciting! I felt like quite the scientist/wizard.

This is how it goes: You just pee in a cup, something pregnant women become accustomed to doing very quickly, then you use the included syringe to add 2oml's of the urine through a hole in the jar that holds the magical crystals. Seal the jar.

Then you swirl (DON'T BE SHAKING THE BABY GENDER TEST!!) in a clockwise direction while crossing your eyes and howling at the moon. (Ok I added the part about clockwise and cross-eyes and howling. but the DON'T SHAKE- ONLY SWIRL part is totally legit). For 10 seconds.

And then you sit it on a white (so as not to mess with the colour interpretation), flat surface and wait for 5 minutes to see what transpires. If you are like me, you hang out and stare at it for the full 5 minutes. I never understand those people who set a timer and walk away....what is with all this self-control??

If it goes an unappetizing sludgy green colour-got yourself a BOY, baby! (Or so they say)

If it goes a bright orange colour-it's ...well the other one of course....a GIRL (what did you think? A goat?)

Intelligender was very clear about it's thoughts on what is in my uterus.....

This did not sway the girl-sayers (haha that's kind of punny) much at all ,who still hold firm to their claims that there is a girl in there. It did vindicate me though-at least until a week from Monday :) We shall see, I will certainly be sure to update at that juncture.

The Intelligender people also sent me some Elasti-oil, my stomach has started getting itchy, so I used it after a shower (on all the growth-prone areas) with great anticipation, and it felt lovely. It has a nice scent, not too strong, which is important for me right now. Even Gracie commented later that I smelled "so nice" It really is massage oil-nice and thick-you warm it up in a cup of warm water for a little bit first and a little goes a long way and it felt very soothing and luxurious. I am hoping not to add to the road map that adorns my stomach this pregnancy and hopefully this is in my answer!

Thanks to the folk at Intelligender for including me in the fun and the pampering!

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Jill said...

hhhmmmm....This is nice to have documented so later in life w can look back and I can say "See Rainbow Godiva...Your Mom was wrong the whole time and Auntie Jill was right!"...xxxooo

waken said...

The test has unsettled my wife, and she is no longer certain that it is a girl...

MrsM said...

I always side with the mom-studies say that moms are right about gender just over 70% of the time. Congrats on your (probably) boy baby!

Dahling said...

I think Intelligender is right....I think we will be having another little boy in our family and Gracie will still be "Mommy's only special daughter" (remember the title Seth gloried in until Luke made his appearance).

Tooje said...

I miss your blog and your wit and I wish I could follow this pregnancy closer. Damn work and kids!

I mean...I'm grateful that I am so busy to have a job and wonderful children to care for. It's just a shame that I couldn't be blessed with the Powerball so that I may stay at home and up to date on my blog reading.

I can't wait to hear what you're actually having. I only have one guess - it's a beautiful and sweet addition. :) Your children have charmed me and I haven't met them.

By the way...loved the pun. Nobody I know loves puns like I do, but I'll be darned if I stop giggling at them.

Anonymous said...

As Waken says, his wife is unsettled. Leaning more to the boy now. We will have to see if Auntie Jill is right. I have always sucked at predictions. You are looking very pretty. Supposed to be a girl. But then there was Nicole Randall who looked gorgeous and has a little Kian to show for it (boy, in case the name is not gender evident).