October weekends…

Much in the way of catching up to do. Oh I how hate the catch up.  I'm kind of in a bad mood today because I am sleep deprived and moderately oxygen deprived. Allergies make me angry and asthma makes me anxious.  So...what better time to choose to do something I don't like to do. Hmmm....
All the same, these fun activities and photos, they should be recorded. Things in October should be preserved for posterity. That’s a well known fact.  I have been reading old blog entries lately and I am confident in saying that I would have no recollection of about 80% of my life if it weren't for journaling of some form.  And gosh that is just a shame. Since blogging is my chosen weapon in my fight against Losing All My Memories...'a-bloggin we must go.
OK so...last weekend was fun.  We went apple picking.  See?  Good times. The apples have lasted us all of a week…they were particularly yummy this year.
We took this photo last year too…I must check to see if they did the pose with their hands behind their heads then too. I’m not sure what that is all about.
desperate housekids
On Saturday it was all soccer  (mostly) all of the time. Intermingled with some conference. I watched the whole first session whilst soaking in the tub. It was enjoyable. I liked this talk very much. And a lovely chili-potluck team party to end the day. Chili on a chilly day is so perfect. Especially when it’s eaten with cool people. Cool rather then cold.
The next day was more conference, it was another rainy day spent cozily in our pajamas
gabe bedhead
which really is the way God intended rainy days to be spent.benjconference
I am convinced of this.  That evening we met up with some great friends I have known for over 10 years and had only met in person a handful of time times prior…or not at all.  The BUMD family who I had never met in person, were rolling through town on their way home from a wedding. An hilarious account of their travels can be found here…I have linked to this location before….’tis the home of none other then the famous blogger-The Big Ugly Man Doll aka Doug.  I know Doug through his lovely wife Julie who is a member of “The Board”. “The Board” has been an important part of my life since I fell pregnant with Gabey baby in November of 1999.  Our babies were all due around July 2000 and I have made many lasting friendships with amazing women from all over the world that have endured long past the times of obsessing over stretch marks and diaper bowel movements…well I will  soon be back to obsessing over those things and I have no doubt that they will patiently indulge me in that.  Such is the goodness and patience of the women of The Board.  Many of us have met up over the years but I had not yet the BUMD family.  When another boardee Shelli got wind of our gathering she rounded up her family and drove 1.5 hrs each way just to meet us for dinner. Such is the devotion and awesomeness of the women of The Board.
This is Julie and Shelli. I heart them.
julie and shelli 
This is Steve (Shelli’s husband) and Doug (BUMD). I am bummed I did not get a shot of BUMD in his fedora.   Love them both too…
doug and steve 
Here are our delightful children: Before Sugar (re-enactment).
kidsof theboard
After Sugar (Re-enactment)
after sugar
It was a wonderful evening. Fabulous salt of the earth, funny, kind folk who felt like the old friends they are.
Once we said goodbye to these fine folk, the weekend concluded with the extraction of Finny’s first tooth.  I am always called upon to do this job since I was a dentist in my past life you know.
Aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh………My baby! He got a $5 from the tooth fairy (first tooth score) and a glittery letter informing him that his tooth was to be used as part of the fancy fountain in front of her fabulous new hotel. Quite the honour, I thought.  It pays to brush, my friends.
And that concludes the first weekend of October.  Now I am am only one weekend behind. I am still too involved with recovering from this weekend to have the strength to report on it but rest assured it was a doozie.  It involved press passes…..and nipples…of cows….Just you wait….

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Janet said...

Sounds all fabulously fabulous. I do love those "Board" ladies and glad you had a chance to spend some IRL time with them. Great photos too.

biguglymandoll said...

"Before Sugar (re-enactment)" OK, *that* got me laughing! Apple picking pics are awesome; hope you're feeling better!

{ L } said...

You are living the GOOD, full, family life. :) Your baby scored BIG with loosing his tooth! Lucky boy. I love the apple pictures. Your kids must have the same fun-loving personality as you do...