WFMW: Not having to wait Three.More.Weeks (GIVEAWAY!!)

So my quest for Whiner of the Week/Month/Year continues. I have not forgotten my pledge to update on my mysterious weekend but I have been somewhat under the weather. Surprise!! I have now added to my list of maladies a bad cold. It's amazing how uncomplicated allergies feel compared to allergies PLUS cold. I find it makes sleep nigh unto impossible. Which makes my mood nigh unto foul.

But it's not all weeping and whining and gnashing of freshly drilled teeth. I am sitting here enjoying the feeling of the gentle little tummy kicks . It's been pretty quiet on that front since I first felt them, but for a couple of days now, I can feel those little pops quite regularly (and quite unmistakeably and most irritably, when I did the exercise below yesterday (they are called supermans) the baby did not find them super, man. D'oh. Who could have predicted that would not go well? See?.. Why would anyone living in someone else's abdomen have objections to this?

I'm in my 19th week of pregnancy now and we were scheduled to find out the gender earlier this week but I made a change in caregivers and so I will have to wait.....til....wait for it.....NOVEMBER 1st. Can you believe it? That's sooo far away! That's like forEVER. How did I manage to go the entire pregnancy without finding out the first time? I don't understand. It's not so much my desire to know as the desire of everyone else I know to know. People are quite irritated by the failure of my pregnancy to progress more quickly. I feel responsible for this. I do.


If I must guess what flavour is residing within...I lean strongly toward "boy baby". My mom and several friends lean strongly toward "girl baby". My husband says girl but I don't think he knows or cares one way or another. The kids have no strong impressions either way, I believe they hope for a girl, but are resigned to "a boy since your body is more used to making them". Can't argue with that logic.

The day that I discovered that I was to have a longer wait to find out then we'd anticipated, a company with super awesome timing contacted me to find out if I wanted to review their product. The company is called Intelligender . And they offer an early gender prediction test. It's described as,

".. a fun pre-birth experience for moms who can’t wait to know! Discover whether you’re having a baby boy or girl weeks before the sonogram can tell you"

Basically, you pee in a cup and depending on the colour the pee turns, (green=boy, orange=girl) you find out whether it's going to be pink or blue onesies for you. Of course results are not as conclusive as an ultrasound but they cite 89-90%. I know I won't personally be at peace until I see definitive little winkie or otherwise on that screen, but really... don't we all love to participate in anything that may have an opinion on the flavour of baby??

So of course, I was all over that.

I haven't received the test yet but when I do, I'll be sure to tell you what it says.
Meanwhile, they are offering my readers the chance to win some of their products. They are offering one lucky commenter this prize package:

It consists of

1 IntelliGender Gender Prediction Test ($34.95 value)
1 IntelliCeuticals Peace of Mind Flower Essence ($26.49 value) 1 Gender Neutral Sweet Star Onesie

Read about their products on their fun blog here:

And check out their twitter account for special deals and giveaways.
*To qualify to win the Intelligender Gift Package, just leave a comment below. Give me your gender prediction if you dare (or care ;)
*For an additional entry follow Momedy and post in a separate post that you are a follower.
*I'll announce the winner next Wednesday but if you just can't wait until then, Intelligender is offering 25% off your e
ntire order of IntelliCeuticals products on their website. Please enter code: IC025 at checkout.

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Hanna said...

Hi there! I am your newest follower from the blog hop!! Lovely blog:) You can find me at

Beautiful family! This is an awesome kit you have here!! I'm pregnant with a little girl right now:)

biguglymandoll said...

Hi there! I'm going to weigh in, but you have to promise not to enter me in the contest - no Intelligender Packages here, no no no. All done. Factories shut down, workforce fired. Outsourced to other people. No Intelligender nothings over here.

You know I like to be clear. ;-)

Anyway, I asked the hat, and the hat says girl. Who would you rather ask, anyway - a cup full of warm pee or a talking hat?

Anyway, hope you're feeling better soon!

Christie said...

I'd love to win this--I guess girl!

MrsM said...

Hmmmm...I don't think I could make a guess without seeing the baby bump ;)

I can't wait to find out whether you are having a boy kidlet or a girl kidlet!

P.S. No babies here, so feel free to not include me in the running for the prize.

Joelle Turner said...

I'm guessing a girl for you. And I'd love to win this for my sister in law who is pregnant and I'm so impatient to know if I'm going to have a niece or nephew!!

Samantha said...

Kirsty, is this part of a ploy to out me? Fine, I'm pregnant! There. 9 weeks. But no comments to that effect on facebook, please--I need to hide it as long as possible from my boss (I do wonder if my coworkers have been wondering why I have a sudden interest in snacking all day long, and why I'm putting weight on around my belly, which has remained amazing flat all these years, given my pear shape).

Okay, that's off my chest. Or belly. I think you're having a girl. I have no idea what I'm having. I haven't even had an OB appointment yet to hear the heartbeat or anything, and of course this is my first kid and I don't know what I'm doing or what is happening to me :-)

I saw the Intelligender test at the store when I went to buy my first and only pregnancy test and I wondered about it.

I'm looking forward to your big reveal in November!

Samantha said...

And I am a long-time Momedy follower :-)

Callista said...

I'm 15 weeks right now and waiting to get a call telling me when my ultrasound is. Should be first week or so of November as well. I'd love to see what this test says!!

I think you're carrying a girl (and I hope mine is a boy!)

Callista said...

I'm a follower too!

Kallie said...

not expecting either, but it would still be fun to win a prize! but i guess boy just because i think it would be cool for gracie to have a sister but somehow, that's not always the thing that happens. does that make me a pessimist?

Peg said...

I still think it's a girl...and while I am not in the market for the gifts, I suspect the time is not too far distant that one of my kids might be able to use them.

Peg said...

Still a could I not be?

Ron Cooper said...

I’m already following you from Friday Blog Hop. Wishing you & your family a great autumn! Check out my new Facebook fan page with inspiring quotes.

Let'sMakeADifference said...

I'm a new follower from a blog hop! Would love for you to check out my blog and follow back!!

claire said... know I'd love to win too...especially since we have passed the time of the ultrasound possible gender prediction appointment! I'm going to go with girl for you.