5 (+1) Grateful Senses Tonight...

Enjoying listening to:

Gracie and Finny drawing together on the white board in the kitchen. Gracie is making up songs, Finny is chuckling in great amusement.

Benj snickering quietly as he reads the new book he bought.

Sounds of the dryer whirring around, it's a cozy, homey sound.

Enjoying smelling: apple cinnamon/ banana bread candles burning

Enjoying looking at: all the photos I have taken this October. What a crazy, fun, photogenic month it was.

Enjoying feeling: warm and safe, the odd little tap, rock and roll from my tummy area..

Enjoying tasting: smuggled Reese cups

Enjoying knowing: Aaron, Shemly and Gabe are out for a walk together. I can imagine them crunching through leaves and passing by the cozy lights of other people's living rooms, chatting away, Shemly's collar tinkling as she trots along with her fanned out tail waving in the air triumphantly. She has waited all day for this walk. Gabe stepping carefully and proudly in his new shoes. Aaron realized yesterday that Gabe mentioned back in late August that his shoes were REALLY small for him. When we inspected we discovered that they were indeed very small. We couldn't get to the store that day but resolved to the next day. Then we forgot. He never reminded us. He just suffered in silence as is his way. He walked to school in them, he ran cross country races in them....he did everything in them. Poor, sweet, sweet boy. When Aaron took him to get new shoes tonight he'd gone from a size 2 to a size 4. Omiword. I hope his feet aren't permanently deformed. When I asked him why he hadn't complained he said, "well at least I have shoes." No seriously, he is that sweet. I am torn between adoration for his sweetness and unselfishness, and horror that he has been enduring this needless torment for this long. Anyway, his new shoes are slick. He loves them.

It's the perfect chilly at home Autumn evening. This is what I live for. This is why I can't wait for the craziness of soccer to be over every year..

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Anonymous said...

I'm proud of you that you are so observant. Loved the way you described the dog's tail! So accurate! Lovely post.