5 on a Saturday


Grateful today for

1. A chance to get some much needed work around the house done, it’s amazing what can get accomplished when you don’t have commitments all day long. Hooray for clean gutters (and Aaron for climbing the ladder)

2.The generosity of a family friend who gave me over an hour of her professional time today with no appointment and at no charge. Her advice was invaluable

3.The power of prayer to comfort and guide us

4. The inspiration I needed to comfort my child in the best way. I am always amazed at how much more effective I am at helping others when I am open and asking for inspiration.

5. The knowledge that my children have that as much as I love and adore them, they are loved by One far more powerful, wise and loving then I am. I know it is already a great comfort to them in times of stress. It is also such a comfort for me to know that God is even more invested in their happiness, success and safety then Aaron and I are.

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