Catching up on gratitude.....

I've been feeling emotionally burned out the last few days, finding solace in sugar (awesome plan-not) and could not summon the desire to list what I am grateful for, although, there is indeed plenty.

But! I love reading my list from times gone by and did not want to deprive posterity of my gratitude, so here's a little catch up for the last couple of days:

1. Professionals of any kind who go way over and beyond the call of their paid-for duties, and are kind, compassionate and just all around good eggs.

2.Reliable transportation. (Did I just jinx that?)Grocery shopping without a car in bad weather-that would not be fun. My car may not be fancy and it is far from new, but it does the job.

3.Healthy, active children who are dreading their flu shots.

4.The prettiness of this season. I love the colours, inside and out. I love decorating my home for Autumn and driving and walking around town under a canopy of colour, swishing golden leaves under my feet. (Although my dog hates walking through leaves, and will avoid them at all costs-it is quite hilarious.) It's a feast for the senses.

5.Free (well, practically) calls to my family in South Africa and Australia. I remember when the cost of hearing their voices was prohibitive. It was sad and stressful and I dreamed of a time when I could call for next to nothing

6.The connection my kids have already developed with their baby sister. She seems especially animated for Gracie who gets to feel her kicking and hiccuping every day and is so amazed and delighted by it. It's crazy to think about how she is a perfectly formed little baby already, stretching and moving around right under our hands.

7.People who share their trials and difficulties honestly, yet still keep the faith. They are inspiring. Please pray for my wonderful friends.

8. Mustard. It's good stuff.

9. Pregnancy is continuing to take it easy on me for now. I have had 6 great weeks since the morning sickness finally took off and I have thoroughly enjoyed them. I am not yet feeling effects of sleeping on a 15 year old sagging mattress wedged between various children who join me at different stages of the night and a sometimes snoring husband. I simply cannot afford to replace the mattress right now and I have been dreading my body rebelling. I know it probably will soon, but every pregnant day that goes by without pain and discomfort is one for which I am supremely grateful.

10.The gorgeous, beautiful, sunshiny weather this week. I am grateful to it for more then aesthetic reasons. I have a child who has developed an extreme fear of the clouds and wind (because of their connection to tornadoes). The great weather has bought us some extra time to work through this phobia in a less stressful environment.

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Steph said...

What a great gratitude list. I'm so happy to hear you are feeling better.

Thalia said...

:) :) :)