Delayed gratitude

I have much catching up to do. So without further ado:

1.Our house has not caught fire (yet), despite the fact that we apparently have a major electrical issue. (Note I am not focusing on the fact that fixing said issue will probably eliminate the Christmas budget? NOTE!)

2.Sweet potato. Specifically, baked sweet potatoes. Oh how I love the sweet potato. Right now I am grooving on this recipe in a big, bad way. Happily it is healthy because I can’t get enough of it. I adapted it as one of the reviewers did, to include onion and garlic. Oh my word.

baked sweet potato

3.I continue to be a very comfortable pregnant person. I cherish every comfortable day while I can still get it. Well apart from yesterday. Yesterday I made and ate a large portion of the sweet potato recipe mentioned above. At around 2pm, I could no longer sit upright so full was I. This sensation continued the rest of the afternoon and into the evening, despite going on a vigorous walk with le doggy to settle things down. I ate nothing more for the rest of the day and night and yet I endured heartburn. I was just….SO. FULL. This morning I discovered that the issue was not so much food as baby, apparently the baby has migrated from hanging out down low to swimming upstream and settling in, more or less under my chin.

I know this because this morning I woke up after she almost gave me a black eye from her hiccups. From said hiccups I was able to ascertain that she was lying sideways, approximately one inch under my chin. I am not certain how she managed to accomplish this, since my uterus is not actually in that area but that was the distinct impression I was given this morning. Today she seems to have made her way back down to where she is supposed to be and I am once again a very comfortable pregnant person. I give all credit for my comfort up until now to regular exercise. I feel such a difference when I miss a day. Which brings me to being:

4. Grateful to be healthy enough to exercise. Also grateful for elliptical machines. I am not a fan of them in general but they are a good way to get a sweat up (and burn some calories) in a truly low impact way. Which brings me to…..

5. Condensed milk. I love it. I love it. I love it. If no confection including chocolate existed in this world I believe I could handle it if I had but a can of condensed milk. I wish I had a can of condensed milk right now. But I am grateful for the fact that were I to really need one, I could probably get one without too much effort.

6. The endless patience of my husband.

7. The responsible, good person my son Benj is.

8. The compassion of my son Gabe

9. The nurturing soul of my daughter Gracie

10.The sparkling joyfulness of my son Finny.

More later..

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Samantha said...

I'm with you on the condensed milk!

Swotpisces said...

nice to find your blog, see you soon. :)

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the sweet potato recipe. Can't wait to make it. Frankly, what I am really looking forward to is EATING it. BTW, sweet potatoes are really easy to grow. Had one sprouting in my vegetable basket, shoved it in the soil, and the Day of the Triffids ensued. Took over the entire veg. patch. Had the most amazing number of potatoes. Will give you an easy and TRES YUMMY condensed milk recipe to show MY gratitude.