Fall Photo Round Up

Since we are into the next season I thought it would be the perfect time to recall the past. I may or may not have posted some of these before. Here are some scenes from our annual trip to the pumpkin farm and jumping in leaves before we left…

Wow, look how much my kids have grown! Here they are last year (Gracie’s sweater still sort of fits. )It is quite alarming. We really need to stop with the regular feeding. They are as beautiful as ever though, not that I am in the least bit biased. I am thankful for the beauty and fun we enjoyed this season.



finny leaf nirvana

A race to the hay-stacks…



We managed not to leave the mums behind this year…



Revisiting the bunny shack. Where we discovered our Thumper 2 years ago. Can you see Finny’s face, he was making an appeal for a friend for her. Fortunately that bunny was sold.




gabe leaf nirvana gabewheelbarrow


Gracie selecting the perfect pumpkin accessory…

pumpkin accessory

Benj and Gabe trying to select the perfect pumpkin to represent our little girlie pumpkin-in-utero.


Look at Gracie’s plotting face here. She reminds me of myself with that devious grin….


Making the delivery…onto Finny’s head.


He took it well.



Pumpkin Daddy-O


Gracie finds her perfect pumpkin-doppelganger


Po little runt. Isn’t he cute? It was his lucky day, apparently he would not have survived hanging with the litter so somebody volunteered to buy him. He was sold while we were there.


Two of my favs, I have posted them elsewhere but wanted to have them as part of this set.

finnyfun scenefromfarm

Additional thanks today:

The various random ways I get to make a few extra bucks from home here and there. It all really helps.

The fact that Aaron was able to locate my brand-new bra by dumpster diving. I had thrown it away without even removing it from the bag.

The opportunity to help someone who is going through a tough time and have fun doing it with my family and friends.

Crockpot dinners. Try this one: Chicken breasts, can of black beans, can of corn, jar of salsa. Add a block of cream cheese in the last 3o mins. Serve over brown rice. Mmmmmm….

My much beloved (zoomy) camera lens being returned to me in good repair. I have been missing it since late this summer.

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