A few things I do not like...

Just to balance out the sweetness and light that is my November Gratitude- fest, here are 5 things I do not necessarily have to feel grateful about. Although..I don't know. I bet I should, I mean...all of these could be Polly-anna'ed if I wanted to....

1. Bagged salad that is slightly past it's prime. Even if it has not yet reached the sell by date, if it is in any way..."tired"...it is about the grossest stuff known to mankind. Wouldn't you agree. Blech.

2.The compulsive need that I have to get rid of all candy in the house by eating it myself. Some people actually throw it away, or give it away, or freeze it. But I am not grown up like those people. No. I am not.

3. Not being able to make everything "all better" for my children. Particularly the part about passing my crazy,messed up overly anxious genes their way. I get to feel painful empathy, motherly sympathy, thwarted protective instincts and great guilt from burdening them with my rubbishy anxious genes. This is karma for all the times I have told Aaron that he should feel bad about the rubbish genes our children may potentially get from his side of the family. (None of which have yet manifested.)

4. The headache you get when you eat too many mini Reese's peanut butter cups after you get home from the gym.

5. Itchy rashes.

And just to prove that I can Pollyanna anything if I want to:

1.No. Really I refuse to Pollyanna nasty, tired lettuce. I refuse. Ok fine. At least it is food. And we have a bunny.

2.Umm....this shows that I am in touch with my youthful side?

3.It's character building. For me and for them. Also humbling re: the karma/Aaron sucky genes part.

4. Natural consequence which I will one day learn from. Hmmmm....maybe. Probably not.

5.Makes me grateful for all the times I do not have an itchy rash?

Well that was lame.
Fa real: grateful for:

1.The awesome people (they know who they are) who have gone out of their way to help make life easier for my kid over the last few days..I love you. xoxoxoxoxo
2. The fact that I have a husband who can pre-empt any potential rodent issues.
3. Exercise. It's such a sanity-saver.
4. Perfect weather today. Answer to prayer.
5.The sweet lady at Petco who gave Shemly the special deluxe stop itching medicated shampoo even though I told her that I could only afford the basic package. (I did briefly feel like crying today over the fact that my dog gets to go to the salon far more often then I do. But then again, I do get to shower on a daily basis).
*Bonus: 4 kids who are:

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Anonymous said...

Loved it! Afraid you got the eating of the candy to get rid of it via the gene pool too. I am proud to report, however, that recently I did ditch a sweet that I was REALLY not enjoying, whereas in the "old" days I would have soldiered through, and chewed and swallowed EVERY last bite!

Julia said...

Great post! We all have these kinds of things we do not like, but to be able to put a positive side to them is the hard part!!! You have a wonderful family!