More Monday gratitude

1. Feeling depressed and grim and grumpy...going on a long walk with the dog and returning energized and euphoric. Hooray for the lovely dog. If she did not inspire such devotion in me, there is a good chance I would have stayed in a fetal position on the couch.

2. Safe and pretty places to go on walks. Not everyone is blessed to walk around freely and safely in pleasant surroundings.

3. iPods and good music.

4. No bake pumpkin pie (I think it tastes better then the other kind and it is soooo easy)

5. The way the slightly drizzly day, and the slightly watery light, and the warm wind and my imagination conspired to make it possible for me to pretend I was walking close to the coast today. Sometimes I just need to be walking next to the ocean and today I my mind at least.

6. A warm house filled with smells of cooking and baking and cinnamon apple scented candles and all my chickens safe under one roof. The definition of cozy.

7. $1 Toblerone bars. I remember when we'd have to wait to get those duty-free at the airport. My dad used to get one for his birthday-he always shared with us though. Very noble of him.

8. Sweet and simultaneously hilarious kids. Finny, who is extremely mellow and non-aggressive, offered to "tussle" with a kid in his class who commented that I was "getting fat" ("he just doesn't get pregnancy, mommy"). The best part is that Finny personally, was not in the least bit offended, he was smiling gently at his classmate's naivete, but he was willing to "tussle" (where does he even get this word?) if I felt it would be necessary for him to defend my honour.

I remember when I was very pregnant with Finny, Benj getting so outraged because a kid in his kindergarten class said that I was "so fat that I could hardly walk". Incidentally, my kids themselves do not think I am fat (or so they claim) but they have commented with great delight that my belly is HUGE. Ah hahah, that may well be....but they aint seen NOTHING yet. I will have to post photos of my tremendous 24 week (6 month!) girth soon.

9. I may be fat, but I can still do some killer workouts that leave skinny chicks whimpering, AND outjog my dog up and down the sledding hill. Ha! (If that seems more braggy then grateful...well trust me, it has not always been this way. Around this stage in my last pregnancy, I was already having great difficulty and pain with mobility- so I am very, very grateful and praying it lasts)

10. The patience and kindness of my family. My home is a refuge, I know I will always be loved and accepted and comforted here.

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Jenny said...

What a wonderful post! We have so much to be thankful for, don't we?

Well, I'm one of those kind of skinny, but out of shape chics that's whimpering and sweaty right now, so off to the shower I go! I can't believe you are doing these workouts!!

Have a great day!

Tooje said...

Do you ever wonder what other parents think about when they decide to educate or decide NOT to educate their children? Whenever we go anywhere...I find myself talking and talking and talking....explaining the things we see and hear and smell and feel to the kids. No matter if it has any relevance to our life that day, I explain. I teach. They probably get really, really sick of hearing me talk, but I feel that they go into their little worlds a bit more accepting and informed than some other kids.

At least I like to pretend they do.

Feeling safe and comforted must be a wonderful feeling for you right now, in your oh so "delicate" condition of drill sergeant/prego woman. You'd be the best candidate for tussling, it sounds like!