Sunday 5....

*Bonus gratitude: I will never have to nurse more then one little piglet at a time.

Today I am grateful for:

1. An involved, evolved husband who is an amazing father to our kids and does not believe in "women's work".

2.An extra hour of sleep this morning. Church would be better if it started an hour later. Of this I am wholeheartedly convinced.

3.My family around the world who love and care about us even though they hardly ever see us.

4.The sweetest, most well behaved dog in the world. Apart from her loving fascination in people who aren't into her, she is perfect.

5.Grapefruit. My grapefruit bender is helping to balance out the Reese bender. At least this is what I am telling myself.

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Thalia said...

:) love your gratitude posts and praying for gracie.

Joel said...

2. Church would also be better if it only lasted 2 hours. 3 hours seems like more church for the sake of more church, especially when we're dealing with a revolving curriculum.

4. Dogs are the best people in the world!