Thankful Thursday

Now wasn’t that an original title?

Hey! Check out my guest post on the fun Intelligender blog today.
As for what I am thankful for:

*(took this photo at the pumpkin farm…the I survived October photo fest to follow at some point..)

1.My hilariously hyper-responsible kids. When I asked for the Reese's this afternoon Benj stoically pretended not to hear me. Gracie got very serious and asked me if I had not heard about what excessive peanut butter consumption could do to my unborn fetus and did I not care about possibly giving her having a peanut allergy. (Poor careworn Gracie is 8-I feel sorry for her.) Gabe asked me very kindly but soberly if this was what I really wanted. I assured him that,Yes! Yes! indeed it was. I also told Gracie that she did not seriously think I would put the baby in danger did she (?!) Then they both told me, with real concern in their eyes, that they felt that I was not myself, and that something (possibly the baby) had "taken over my body".
In conclusion: Benj and Gracie would be great with running a rehab center. Gabe..not so much. He eventually caved after mouthing earnestly, "are you SURE?" and me mouthing back "yes! I love you SO MUCH" and brought me some (without divulging his source) even though he was tackled by Benj en route.
2. Recurring theme: My Dyson and my Shark steam-mop. I am spoiled. They make me ashamed that my home is not spotless at all times (if ever). I thought of what the pioneers would make of me sitting in such squalor, eating bon-bons with such miraculous assistance at my disposal. For shame! For shame. I am also super grateful to have the strength and energy to clean my home even if the motivation is a bit lacking.
3. Free Qdoba kids meals coupons procured whilst trick or treating. No need to mess up the fleetingly spotless kitchen.
4.My warm and cozy house. Crisp cool days are lots of fun when you for a walk all bundled up but today I imagined how much less festive they would feel if I was not anticipating going home to somewhere warm.
5. My fatty maternity winter coat which arrived just before the cold snap. I have my doubts as to how far it will take me but for now it is very warm.

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