To thank for on Tuesday…

1. Being able to attend my kids' Thanksgiving assembly today. It was so cute.


They sang beautiful songs, and recited funny poems and Gracie even got to be one of the kids to accompany the Principal giving an Iroquois prayer with her little shaking instrument. She took this task very seriously. I also felt great gratitude that we had enough to share with the local food bank. Also, is there anything more festive then a school assembly just before a holiday? Not really.

2.I got to go and get my hair-cut at a nice salon for the first time since February thanks to a GREAT group-on deal. I have recently started availing myself of the miracle of Group-on. I love the internet.

3. My kids all have amazing, committed, concerned and kind teachers who don't just teach them but also inspire them and care about them. I enjoyed conferences with them this evening. Teachers are super-human. I'm so glad it is them and not me ;) My kids made them these for me to take tonight.

4.A perfect evening with my family, ending with Finny falling asleep spooned up to me as we lay watching TV on the couch. He was oblivious to his baby sister jealously kicking him in the back-what a shame. He would have loved it :)

5. Fire-fighters. I got to take photos of the firefighters in our town today and got a little tour of some of the station-it was ship-shape and the guys were all so nice and friendly. While I was there they got a call. They went from posing as a group to out of there in no time at all. They truly are heroes as are their loved ones.


Bonus gratitude: My Zantac has kicked in and I can now go to sleep :)

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Tooje said...

I am so excited for Gracie to get a baby sister. The boys have brothers and now there will be sisters in your brood. LOVE THAT. Siblings of both kinds are special.

I really need to review the calendar and see if there is an assembly/holiday performance by my little TO. I wish I utilized my planner better.

Hooray for Zantac!