Christmas Day Chez Sayer

Unlike the more spiritual and sweet scenes from Christmas Eve (click to see all about that), Christmas Day is all about the hedonism.  Gifts, partying and lazing around eating copious quantities of fine chocolate. 
After a night of very little sleep, it all began at 7:20 am. We had told the kids that nothing would be revealed prior to 8am, but Shemly made her needs known at around 7:00am and once everyone was clearly awake I took a deep breath, turned to Aaron and said, “let’s do this thing”. He found that very amusing.
Discovering their stockings
Group gift-Monopoly. It’s electronic banking now. And you go to jail for “Insider trading”. That makes me feel old.groupgift 
The Artiste is delighted with her canvasses.
Gracie explains the gift she made Finny. So sweet.
Gabe is by far our lowest reactor but he was pretty excited to get a new MP3 player…
Ever the angel Gabriel….
finnyelation gabehelpsfinny
Gabe showing off the soccer ball trophy Gracie made him (in his favourite colours)
My favourite moment of the day, watching the aptly named angel Gabriel abandon his newly opened MP3 player which he was very excited about, to help Finny find things in his I Spy Book. (Finny was feeling a little forlorn at his lack of electronics at the time but comforted himself later with his very own, blue Wii-mote ;)
Here we have Benj opening his much unexpected (handmedown, thanks awesome Matt ) iPhone. He will not be using it as a phone, at least not for a while (we are those parents) but that is one heck of a pimped out MP3 player ;) He opened this box and it fell right onto the hardwood floor.  Oops.We really should have thought that one through a little better. Happily, it still works. Love the incredulous faces of the brothers.
As for me. I have long been coveting a pretty watch to replace the heart rate monitor watch I almost always wear. It is hideous, but it does the job.  In my dreams of a pretty, grown up watch I had a specific vision.  I wanted a white, ceramic watch, with just a touch of bling.  
On Christmas morning I unwrapped this.  It was white. My husband tragically told me he was really sorry but the budget wouldn’t allow for the one I had in mind. He told me that being a materials scientist, he was determined that I would not have a ceramic knockoff and the real ceramic ones were too pricy right now.    Well I wasn’t expecting a watch at all, in fact I had quite forgotten amidst the fun of buying for 5 other people that I would be getting gifts at all (isn’t it funny how that happens?)  so I was quite happy with this. It was cute, and unlike my heart rate monitor, the strap was not half broken, it has a stop watch and it is perfect for the gym.
After I opened a couple more presents I opened a box to find this:
He totally faked me out. It was just the one I wanted. I think it is so pretty. And now I can wear a watch to church ;) I feel like a grown up! ;)
I love this gift from Aaron too. Have you seen this istoner smart touch gloves? Now I can keep my fingers warm on walks and operate my iPod. Excellent!
Shemly trying to escape the mayhem
Gracie and I model our matching cozy boots….and a few more of my favourite things. Aren’t I spoiled?
WHO STOLE THE REMAINING FERRORO ROCHER???? That’s what I want to know.DSC_0094
Then it was time for dinner at the Richardson’s.  The first time I saw their new house, I dubbed their dining room, “The Christmas Room”. Isn’t it so perfect? Weird lighting here but you get the picture ;)
This photo makes me laugh because I am pulling the exact expression the kids pull when they want me to hurry up and just take the photo already. There was food to be eaten! (Apparently everyone else had given up on Aaron.)
Breaking in the new ping-pong table
Rehearsing some footage for our 2nd annual year in review music video.bustamove flipcamera
What a great day, fun, family, food, friends, warm houses, naps. I went to bed feeling thoroughly full in every way!   I hope your Christmas was just as wonderful.

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Jenny said...

What fun! Those gloves are so cool! Or warm, I guess... :)

Hey, I've got the cookbook/personal trainer giveaway posted today and readers can enter through Friday night so let your readers know about it! Thanks again!

Janet said...

Love the reactions! Looks like a wonderful Christmas! Wishing you all a blessed 2011!