A few more of my favourite things….(weekend edition)

The amazing nativity display our church puts on every year. Here is just a tiny taste of what we saw..
Every decoration on this tree is a nativity. It’s so lovely.
My kids love finding all the nativities listed in the scavenger hunt..
A live nativity which Finny was entranced by…

The kids got in on the nativity action too.
We (almost literally) bumped ito Santa/Father Christmas on a festive little shopping excursion later…we think he might have been the real deal….
kids with santa[3]
Another combination of favourite things… First Presidency Christmas Devotional….some of us have colds this year so we watched it at home in new Christmas PJ’s with hot chocolate. The Mormon Tabernacle Choir never fails to take my breath away and make me teary.DSC_0486
Christmas stories read by big brothers… (can you tell why the pictures behind the couch are always crooked). Can’t get my editing software to work so enjoy the fuzzy blur…it makes things cozy.
Hot chocolate and cuddles for tired moms…
Nativity love notes
You play sports and board games with me (to Benj “Skinny the Pooh” from Gabe)
I love Caroline’s love of others and her awesome talent in art-Daddy
You are very fun to play with and I hope you get better soon-to Finny from “Gacie-goo” (Gracie)
You are cool-thanks for being so nice- to Benj from Gracie
I love Mommy because she cares for me a lot and always will give me a hug. She cleans and is totally AWESOME-Benj
Friends who make life so much more fun, rich and happy. Especially in the absence of extended family close by, we feel so blessed to have good friends in our life.

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2busy said...

What an amazing thing your Stake put on. So beautiful! Now was that nativity tree really hung upside down?

Thalia said...

why won't the blog let me comment today? wowsers 10 points to your stake for a good effort. santa looks slightly too modern to pull it off but a very good replica :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing pictures of the event...we were sorry to miss it this year.