It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…

December 1 is a big deal here. Today I woke up to the sound of Gracie excitedly exclaiming that it was “SNOWING MOMMY!” Then she gave me a gentle pinch and a punch for the first of the month.  It was the best wake up call I have had in a while….
snowy morning
(The chilly but welcome view from my bedroom window)
Today was indeed, our first snowfall of the season -which was an excellent back-drop for the plethora of traditions that go into effect for the next 25 days.  We love our December evenings. The TV goes off early, the PJ’s and Christmas music go on. The lights are dimmed. We get cozy.
First, comes the hot chocolate  (which it was unanimously agreed, tasted gross tonight. Lesson:  One should not skimp on the quality of chocolate of any kind. Ever.)
aaron hot choc
Then comes the selection of the Christmas book  (a collection of which I borrowed from the library and wrapped up just the hour before-nothing like waiting until the last minute)

Then comes the retrieval of the advent chocolate kiss and love-note  for the day. Benj, being the eldest gets the honour of having the first day…benjadvent
Today’s note: “I love Benj because he’s not afraid to be a good person and set a good example-Daddy.”
Which elicited this response..sniff. I love these guys.
After that we have a little devotional. I looked up this one for tonight but might keep looking…
Gabe was thrilled that “Oh come all ye faithful” was in his repertoire from last year’s recital. So he got to accompany us.
o come all ye faithful
Happy December luvvies!  Did the month start well for you? Do you have any December traditions?

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Rachel said...

We have begun our 25 days of Christmas far we have viewed Diego saves Christmas, Shrek the Halls, and Charlie Brown's Christmas. Tonight is my hubby's turn to pick! I do like the idea of reading a Christmas story, I think I will borrow it....if I get a free minute to visit the library. Finals are coming up with lots of extra projects due, too! I can't wait till the 13th, then the real Christmas cheer can begin! Oh and the sweet you guys are so festive!

2busy said...

Our month has started out perfectly with a gorgeous snow day off from school. We have a tradition of a Christmas son, scripture and story each night.

Anonymous said...

Drat! Why did I not read it sooner so that I could copy you? Love your love note. The 1st, like most days, caught me by surprise. No advent calendar, as yet, no tree. Will repent this week-end.