New Year Resolutions...kinda? Sorta?.....

I don't know, m'peeps. New Year comes at the wrong season for me living in the ice-swept tundra known as NW Ohio in the Winter. Actually today it is clear and sunny and temps will creep toward the 50's so I can't complain too bitterly, but I am generally less motivated to in the winter months than I am at other times, and for that reason I just can't find myself getting fired up about transforming my life into all it should be right now.

I have no shortage of things I need to improve upon, but I know how difficult resolutions are to keep, even when you are excited and driven about them so it seems a bit of a waste of time to make a bunch of them half-heartedly, a bit of a set-up for failure and disappointment, if you will.

On the other hand, if you read this blog with any regularity, you know what a sucker I am for this kind of fresh start...and to go into a New Year with no resolve to improve....well... that somehow seems bad for the soul and a tad ungrateful for the gift of life and health and the many opportunities I have to make the most of it.

And so resolutions I must make. But only a modest and hopefully manageable few. For now anyway.

As a parent

  • I resolve to lead better by example. I.e: stop being such a hypocrite.

Specifically: I will not complain about the state of my children's room unless mine is immaculate.
I will not complain about the state of the playroom if my study is not tidy.
I will not yell at my kids to stop arguing. D'oh .
I also resolve to try exceptionally hard not to yell at all.
I will whine and worry less (at least not out loud)

As a wife:
  • I resolve to try to make and cook from a menu at least 3 times a week. My husband cooks almost every night and although he never complains, that 'aint cool when he works all day and I lie on the couch eating bon-bons.
  • I will whine and worry less. (at least not out loud)

And just for me:
  • I resolve to increase my spirituality by re-committing to daily scripture reading. Not for any specific length of time. I resolve to make contact with the scriptures daily
  • I resolve to make a conscious effort to serve someone outside of my family at least once a week. (Church callings and regular volunteer stuff does not count).
  • I resolve to be active for at least 30 mins each day 6 days a week. No exceptions. Regular exercise is really not a problem for me, but skipping more then 1 day has disastrous consequences and I am determined not to go there any more.
  • I resolve to drink more water and address my compulsive need to eat unhealthy things when I am not even enjoying them anymore just so I can "start over". That's whack.
  • I resolve to work harder on marketing my cyber-training biz. (It is a great service, doing great things for people, and you should totally join. Now would be the perfect time.)

I thought of throwing promises of half marathons and marathons and keeping a magazine worthy home, blogging daily, writing books and conquering my temper forever, but the reality is, I'm going to be having a baby pretty soon, sure it's my fifth, but it's my first after a long hiatus, and I have no idea what that will bring. I have a lot of difficulty breastfeeding (although I have worked harder at it than almost anybody I know and certainly anyone who is sane) . I don't know how much commitment that will take this time, and so I can't say what type of major fitness feats I will be able to take on. I also don't know if said baby will be colicky or sickly or the perfect sleeper so I don't know how much creative energy I will have. That's the thing about babies-they are pretty unpredictable.

  • I do however resolve not to let post-partum depression (or breastfeeding for that matter) rule/ruin my life this time. My new baby resolution this time is: Whatever keeps mommy sane and happy. Because we all know what happens when mama 'aint happy. And my lovely family really does deserve to be happy.

Happy New Year dahlings! Thank you once again for being a part of my life. Wishing you everything happy and fulfilling for 2011

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Aaron B. said...

I resolve to let you cook 3 times a week. That also works into me being a more supportive husband. 2 resolutions down already.

Love you babe and will work to do what I can to "make Mama happy"

Love you and your unselfish resolutions. You are a rockstar!

Jill said...

I resolve to do everything I can to help make sure after-mama care is a will be Rainbow care. We'll talk about the breastfeeding thing but I will do everything in my vast powers to help wth post-partum depression.

Jenny said...

You have a very sweet husband!
I love your resolutions, I could copy just about every one of those! Here's to keeping them (or at least making a serious effort).

Happy New Year! I plan on being back on the workout wagon this Monday! Woohoo!

Marnie said...

My resolutions for the New Year are NONE :0D I have goals that I make and assess throughout the year. Happy 2011!

Kallie said...

once again, you inspire me. i feel half-hearted as well right now, but a bit more motivated to resolve after reading you.

dawn h-s said...

I resolve to help you with breastfeeding in any way I can.

I've been talking up your cyber training program with all of my cyber, get this...people who swear up and down that their cyber friends are motivational, real, etc. seem to also believe that they can't do a cyber program.


So, send me a link or something and I'll get it out there some more, and officially, if you'd like.

Because it totally rocks!

{april kennedy} said...

I, too, do not cook much. My hubby comes home from being at work all day and asks 'what's for dinner' and I respond...haven't thought that far yet' and I'm home all day. Not fair to him.

With regard to breastfeeding. I struggle with it. I have very limited working ducts but with each baby wanted so desperately to make it work that I pumped until I was miserable. And, usually only got a couple of ounces if that. Before I miscarried this last year, I had decided I wasn't even going to give it a go for my own sanity. So...I love your goal regarding your sanity and breastfeeding!

Good luck and Happy New Years, m'friend!

Jessica said...

Awww....a whole lot of your resolutions I could take! I'm with you on the whole cooking thing, lol....I'm sure Keith would be happy if I took on that resolution!!
Happy New Years to YOU, darlin'.....I can't wait to see your baby girl in 2011!!