These are a few of my favourite things…..

While I do love brown paper packages tied up in string (or ribbon) and you can read all about how I conquered the Christmas paper dilemma here….brown paper packages
I have many other favourite things. I thought I’d sprinkle them throughout this month, Oprah style (except that I won’t be giving them away, sadly and most of them don’t cost more then my house the way her average pair of  favourite shoes do.)
So one of my favourite things is the book, Little Women.
I have read it dozens of times since I was a little girl . I loved it then. And now that I am a little woman (speaking in terms of length rather then girth) I love it still. I love it more every time I read it. It is so comforting, so uplifting, so sweet and refined, so familiar, so cozy, so inspiring, so touching, charming and entertaining. Oh how I love it.  I read it at least once a year. I’m reading it right now in fact. Which is why I thought to mention it.  If you have not yet read Little Women, you should rectify that immediately. Now would be an excellent time to start. It begins at just this season and it will warm the cockles of your heart.
Speaking of books. Recently, at our most excellent coffee/used-bookstore I discovered one of my favourite childhood picture books. The Ladybird version of Cinderella (circa 1964). I used to pore over this book as a child, trying to decide which of her three ball-gowns was the prettiest. (I was disappointed to discover how obvious this was to me as an adult, but no matter). It is a true treasure.
One of my other favourite things: watching Finny hear his baby sister’s heartbeat for the first time today. He was delighted. He laughed as if it was the most hilariously wonderful thing he had ever heard. It was sublime.
Another favourite? December 2nd advent note: “I love Gabe’s big, kind heart. He’s the most kind person I know”-Daddy
gabeadvent gabeanddad

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Michelle said...

I love your family. I love your style. I love how you know how to love. Beautiful stuff. I'd rather read you than Little Women andy day.

2busy said...

I agree, wonderful book, and I haven't read it in years. I love your idea of an advent calendar.