8 things about today:

  • Because I seem to have developed a huge split in my abdominal muscles, (apparently you really shouldn't continue your regular ab workout routine whilst pregnant) you can practically hold hands with our unborn baby. I'm not kidding. It's not jabs, thuds and kicks, it is feeling distinct little knuckles and counting fingers. It does not feel as though there is anything except for a taut layer of skin between her and us. Slightly disconcerting. I keep wondering if there are any documented cases of babies kicking their way out through the belly button, alien-style but I'm too afraid to google it.
I am mesmerized and as I said, slightly disturbed by it. My kids' reaction can be described as sick fascination. As they were feeling/watching her rock and roll around today, they dropped all pretense of this being a mystical miracle and went with openly grossed out. Gracie could not stop wailing, "THAT. IS. JUST. SO. GROSS!" Gabe, ever the diplomat, turned his head away but looked paler and distinctly nauseated, Finny gagged, and Benj cooly settled on " totally weird". It was funny.

  • I cried about some more bad news I received. What up with all the bad news, 2011??? (No fear, it's really not a big deal in the scheme of things). Then my husband and Amy talked me down. After which I ate some chocolate, ate some oatmeal cookies and settled down for a nap. When I woke up everything was much better. Naps, husbands, friends and chocolate. Proof that there is a loving God.
  • I did not make dinner for my family. Although I have been working on that resolution and have managed a few dinners this year.
  • I did go to the gym. It always makes me feel better. More energetic, less hormonal and really takes care of the pregnancy aches and pains. It's not always good for the ego though. Someone there who had not seen me since I got pregnant helpfully told me that my stomach looked really big for my stage of pregnancy. I really appreciated her input given that she is about 6 ft tall (I'm 5'2) and my baby is actually measuring on the small side. At least she did not comment on the size of my rear (which is not measuring on the small side). That would have been dangerous move on her part. I may be short but I am quite strong.
  • I continued to not get anything done on my nesting list. But my husband did get our bed-frame painted. I am trying to take satisfaction in his accomplishment.
  • When I lamented loudly, "why are Lazy-boy's SO ugly?" (because my word, they are comfy!) Gabe promptly responded "because they don't exercise". He did not realize I was referring to the recliners. I do love that Gabe.
  • We did not have Family Home Evening. Because I thought it was Tuesday. Is that a bad sign?
  • Shemly did not move from the couch from 9am to 3:30pm. Not to eat, not to pee. I thought she might be depressed or sick, I spent the day feeling vaguely guilty about infecting her with my malaise. But Benj took her on a walk and she perked up considerably. After which she went back to sleep. Apparently she is just slothful.
What are some things about your day today?

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garhales said...

Conversation after church yesterday...Me "Brady, what did you learn about today?"
Brady: "Smut"
Me: "What is smut?"
Brady: "Well, I thought it was a very small doggy--turns out I was wrong though".

Rachel said...

My stomach muscles split, too, and thanks to my laziness have never managed to merge back together!

Kate said...

LOL at Gabe! Good one!

And I'm thinking we might need video of this alien-like movement...no? Just to get the full on creepiness effect ;D

Grancy said...

I haven't checked in on your blog in a while but I'm so glad I did. What a lovely mother you are. Each of your posts make me smile and miss you and Ohio. Good luck with the new baby, and congratulations. (Jen Lynn's mom, Nancy)

Tooje said...

After reading this post, all I can picture is eating popcorn and chocolate with you on your couch as the husbands go pick up take out. You didn't mention pizza or popcorn, but it's what I envisioned. No idea why.