The boy, the bee and the (ruffle) butt tights

Today was much better, thank you so much for the kind thoughts xo.
Two Finny-isms to report today:
Last night he was reporting in great distress that he had not received full credit for an assignment because "my zeros were upside down".
Today he came home from school and told me very excitedly that he'd had to write 10 sentences at school about what they got for Christmas. "So I wrote that Benj got an iPhone and I got a shirt!" He was perplexed when I laughed and laughed about this. He did not see why this sounded a tad unbalanced. He told me he did not mention his Wii-mote because his teacher would "not understand about that".

Tomorrow Gabe is participating in the Spelling Bee. He is a really great speller and has worked quietly and consistently doing a page a day of words with me each day of Winter break. There are still way too many words to be super confident about it but we both agreed that the goal was not to win (because neither of us want him to have to study for the next level ;) but that he had mastered hundreds of words which he would otherwise not have known. (I'm pretty sure he out-spells me at this point).
All that philosophically said, Aaron is taking a half day tomorrow to go and support him because I don't think I can handle it and I don't want to go into premature labour which is a real possibility given my heart palpitations whilst watching Benjamin last year. I know, I know. I am pathetic.

In other news I finally got the urge to shop a little bit for the littlest Miss today. That was a relief. I didn't actually purchase anything but I put things in online shopping carts all over the web. I have had not had any desire to do any type of baby-shopping prior to today which struck me as a bit..unnatural? But really who can resist the ruffle butt tights? (At 50% off?)Who? I might have to break out the credit card after all.

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Anonymous said...

Oh my! That is just TOO cute. An upside down zero just won't do!!

Tooje said...

I never, ever in a million years thought I'd like ruffles on my daughter's butt. I do. Very much. These are adorable. So is my daughter's hiney.