Gabe rocks and spells! *

*(clever title coined by my friend Carolyn :)
Hooray for Gabey baby who won the school spelling bee. He prepared diligently but not obsessively and he is not competitive, so neither of us had any aspirations or expectations of a win. In fact last night we agreed that it was nice that he had learned to spell so many words and also nice that he did not want to win (because who needs the stress of going to the next level?) so there was no pressure. I think we both just hoped he’d get through a round or two without being eliminated. There he is, way at the back behind the microphoneDSC_0005DSC_0006
When he was one of the top three, he had this flushed, surprised, shy little face. I can see him trying to hold back the incredulous little giggle
Top 2…trying to hide his smile again..
After he was the last one left standing, (runner up was a very smart young lady who is in the 6th grade) he had to spell a “championship” word (which was actually far, far easier than most of the other words he had spelled to that point-go figure-there is a lot of luck involved in this gig.)
And naturally I flubbed the photo of the moment when he was told, “That is correct”.
But Aaron got video ;)

“Shoot. I wasn’t supposed to win” ;) When I told him this, he said so earnestly, “I KNOW mommy but they gave me such an easy last word!!”
In the interests of having a full-term baby I probably won’t be attending the county round ;)
The best part of my day was when Aaron went shopping and brought home these:
When I thanked him he said they weren’t from him. That Gabe (with help of Gracie) had called to ask him to buy them for him to give to me (to thank me for practising his words with him.) I love my kids.

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Dysfunctional Mom said...

The flowers are SO sweet! Congrats on Gabe winning the spelling bee.

Big Ugly Man Doll said...

Too cute - yay for Gabe and congrats! The flowers are totally sweet; what a great kid! And, ya know, great parents. ;-)

Steph said...

Way to go, Gabe!!! Congratulations!! And what a sweet boy to make sure his mommy got flowers! Love it!! He's going to make a great husband someday.

Jessica said...

Awwww...I love all his little facial expressions! WTG Gabey!!
He's such a sweet, smart lil' man!

Anonymous said...

Well, got to say that not only did he win the spelling bee but he won the cutest face competition too! And so LITTLE compared with the competitors! As for the flowers, well, I got all choked up, and you know that is not like me!!! :0 :0

ATL MOm GUide said...

How awesome! I would have cried like a baby!!!

Jenny said...

Congratulations to your little guy! That's awesome! And how thoughtful to want to give you flowers to thank you. So sweet!

Tooje said...


WON the spelling bee??? That's so cool!

And the flowers? I love your kids too. I would like tutorials written up for my children to read by June. Thank you.