I did blog yesterday

Chaos Field
I just did not post that blog. It was really whiny and by the time I went to bed it was not representative of my feelings. Also blogger was being a pain and contributed to saving us all from that drivel.
I have discovered something about myself over time. I have a high tolerance for accomplishing virtually nothing (for a day, or maybe two), after which I have no tolerance for not accomplishing everything. I believe they call that “all or nothing”.   It’s not fun for those who live with me.
Once I get going on something, if I can’t complete it, along with everything else in my eye/ear/thought-proximity, I get decidedly overwhelmed and very disgruntled.  Yesterday we used the snow day to tackle the Nesting List.  We embarked upon the task of converting the playroom/walk in toy/game/book/dress-up clothing dumping ground back into a cool (yet cozy) room for two pre-teen boys.  It’s a big job. We got a lot accomplished to that end. But not all of it.  And so I was a-freaking. (I did not manage to get the gym yesterday which did not help my state of mind).
I was also freaking that my home (which I may have mentioned is not palatial in size) tends to get all kinds of messy when we pull apart one room. As my sister once described a very small living space that she once lived in very briefly, “every time I move something I have to go through a series of puzzle like configurations to get to something else” (or words to that effect). This is how it is in our home.  It is too small and it is filled with too many people for one whole room to be out of commission at any one time without chaos ensuing.
Particularly one so filled with items as the play-room. It creates pandemonium throughout. Which creates turmoil within (me).   We temporarily are without a functional dining room as all the toys await their new homes.  I try not to look in that direction too often today but yesterday it was all I could see.
Also, our new mattress arrived yesterday (hooray!) but the box-springs were too large to fit up the Victorian staircase (not hooray) and so the box springs stood in the living room all. day. long. To add to my feelings of claustrophobia.
Also? It was a snow day. Which means four children’s worth of snow gear piled up everywhere, and the four children themselves being around all day.  See: feelings of claustrophobia.  See also: whiny, lame, first-world “problems.”
At 7:40pm last night, in front of a guest, I burst into tears over the fact that someone had left the coat closet open. And the shoe cupboard.  It was too much, man. 
At this point I announced my intention to go to bed. Which I did. My husband and our tall kind friend Erianne had managed to hoist the box springs up over the balcony by this point. Bless them. In practical situations, tall people are more generally useful than short ones. I’m sorry, but it’s true. Don’t send me hate mail. I’m the short people.  I know.
My first night sleeping on the new mattress was not a disappointment. It was quite sublime. The bed is now very high though. I felt a bit like the princess and the pea. Sans pea. I awoke in a much better state of mind. A clearer plan of action and hormones temporarily in check.
I hope to have my dining room back by Saturday evening.  If that does not happen I will take to my high bed and watch Hulu reruns of Modern Family until the spring.

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Jena said...

I can always count on your blog to inspire me or make me laugh, but always appreciate life and my family more. Thanks for it. I've been reading for a couple of months, but haven't posted before. Have a great night.

Eva said...

I can't wait to get a new mattress...ahh heavenly! There's nothing like that first sleep :)


Peg said...

You have a balcony? Where? Glad you're feeling better today.

Anonymous said...

Like Peg I also had to think about the balcony, but I HAVE IT!! Next to the bathroom, right???
I SO relate. You have to keep saying the following mantra "You have to create mess to create greater order". I am sure it was the same when the world was created. Well, well done on doing it in January for March. I would have been in labour and still trying to pack the last cupboard.