It's the Final Countdown Dadad daahhhhh duh duh duh...dah daahhhh......

Don't you love my phonetic spelling of 80's music???

OK so Final Countdown is a little premature/dramatic but there are officially fewer than 10 weeks 'til little Miss makes her debut. To me that still seems like a mighty long time, because well..that is a mighty long time, and I am still in deep denial that the baby will be born this year. Or at all really.

However, the reality is that when you have a bunch of kids, involved in a bunch of different things, time tends to move at warp speed, and major household preparations become harder as pregnancies progress. So it is probably prudent to start thinking about major household preparations at this juncture.

I decided that any baby preparation could be put off until the New Year. And now, inconveniently, it is the New Year and here we are. My friend Amy-The Anti-Procrastinator has been gently urging me on to action for some time now and has kindly offered to help me in the re-arrangement of my home.

Thus it has been decided that this tiny stranger's arrival means that everyone has to move....

Unfortunately (or fortunately, given my current state of apathy) we can not actually move house at this time, so there is going to be a mass bedroom switcharoo.

It is proposed that:

  • The big boys will be moving back down to what was converted to the playroom.
  • The small boy will once again have his own room (I know this does not seem fair but everyone is satisfied with this arrangement),
  • The girl will move into the room that all 3 boys currently inhabit and eventually share it with her small sister.
And if the small sister turns out to be a boy after all of this upheaval I think it will be somewhat annoying.

This means that the playroom must be
  • purged
  • painted
  • better insulated
  • converted back into a bedroom

It also means that Aaron needs to get his clothing out of there and back into our bedroom :( I have no idea how this is going to work out. I have become accustomed to having a whole 2 feet of closet space all to myself (such a diva).

It also means:
  • Gracie's currently pink room needs to be painted to be more suitable for Finny
  • All her stuff must be moved out and into the bigger boys' room which:
  • needs to be painted to be more suitable for her.
  • And we need to make space to for baby stuff in there......I guess.

I have also long wanted regardless of whether a baby is coming or not.
  • my bedroom, dresser, and bed frame re-painted before next Tuesday when our long awaited new mattress will supposedly arrive (finally!)
  • to do something really awesome with one of the bedroom walls. That awesome thing being this. I somehow don't see all this happening before next Tuesday.


Oh.MY.GOSH. Babies are SO DISRUPTIVE. Do you blame me for remaining in denial?? And that does not even take into account the cleaning, and the shopping for the baby (since we so blithely gave away every baby item a week before I discovered I was pregnant).

And yes, yes, I know, I know the baby can come whether or not we do all this preparation, and babies just need a diaper or two and a dresser drawer to sleep in and blahblahblah, but let's face it...I don't function that way and all these things absolutely and imperatively must be done before she is allowed to be born. Some way...somehow...maybe....I guess.

Now where did that nesting instinct/drive/energy/interest go? Hmm....nope. Not here yet. I was planning to take Amy up on her need for speed tomorrow but I have decided I just can't face it. I'm sure making a list counts though.

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dawn h-s said...

So, here's how I'd approach this....Make a list (you've done that); make sub-lists; start on the important room first....yours.

Redbonegirl97 said...

Lots to do, hope you get it all done.

Peace, Love and Chocolate

ATL MOm GUide said...

sounds like me and I don't even have a baby coming!!! Good luck : )