Just Dance

We had a great time seeing in the New Year with friends. Thank you to the kind Hales family for welcoming us into your cozy home!  We had fun.  2011 started noisily. My dad sent the kids a really fun Christmas package which thanks to JFK airport, languished in customs for more then 2 weeks. We eventually got it on the 30th, just in time to bring the New Year in with some South African vuvuzela flair.  I’m sure the neighbours loved it and not sure anyone’s hearing will ever be the same after combining those with the pots and pans in a confined space.
  happy new year
(They were designed for use in outdoor stadiums ;)  Not sure why we didn’t just spend the whole evening outside.  It was relatively balmy (around 50 degrees). On the way to the party we were listening to “Blame it on the Rain” by the infamous Milli Vanilli on Friday Night 80’s. A warm, rainy New Year’s night listening to Milli Vanilli….it totally felt like I was in a 20 year Time Warp all the way back to South Africa. Ahhhhh……
happy new year 2 
Our friend Tiffany introduced us to the joys and wonders of Just Dance 2 at the party. The next day (or later that day)  the kids pooled their money and after we bribed them with a ride to the store if they helped us put away the Christmas decorations, they spent the rest of the day/night engaged thusly: it is too cute and hilarious to see the intensity on their faces.
Tomorrow is the last day of Christmas break. I am sad. I think I am more sad than my kids are, in fact.  I love having my chickens in my nest. I love mellow mornings and stress-free evenings. Oh well…just 5 more months til Summer…….

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garhales said...

I agree, I too love having all my chicks gathered and am feeling the pang of knowing I will be on my own again in a day. Thanks for helping me have one last gasp of Winter Break--your family rocks! Literally. ;)

Janet said...

Fun celebrations! And don't you just love Just Dance? So much fun!