Send in the gratitude (cos clowns would be irritating)

It's been a bad-news filled, sad kind of day. But tomorrow will be better. Counting my blessings tonight for
My infinitely patient husband who holds it together when I'm falling apart
My good health and the health of my family
My warm home with a comfy couch to lie on all day when I'm feeling sorry for myself
My kind loving friends who really care
The time I am blessed to spend with my beautiful kids

Welch's sparkling red grape juice
Lindt chocolate

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Jenny said...

Are you okay, Kirsty?? Saying a prayer for you.

Kim said...

Not sure why you had a bad day but hope today is MUCH better for you.

Love you Kirsty!!!


Anonymous said...

Hey - what bad, sad news????

The tights are someting every little girl butt should be squeezed into! TOOOOOO cute. Please buy them.