Spa Caroline

Gracie invited 15 friends to celebrate her birthday at “Spa Caroline” on Saturday night. Here’s our first guest. So cute!
Caroline was the receptionist and a very efficient one at that.
Here are a few of the ladies waiting for treatments in the waiting room.
Nathan came over for a little while and provided some soothing classical musical for their entertainment as his awesome wife Amy slaved over pedicures…
Aaron kept us in fresh warm water, was an awesome runner, photographer, technical assistant and supervised the layered bath salt project. I never would have survived without him. Actually I wouldn’t survive most days without him.
Spa food included a spa lady cake (super easy to make)
the suckers I remember being so helpful last year
and of course plenty of fresh fruit
Here’s another super-friend Jill who took care of facials upstairs in Gracie’s new room. (Do you like the colour of her pink wall, btw?) She chose it. It’s appropriately named, “Glamour”.
The girls loved the facials. Especially the cucumbers.
Not sure what Gracie’s facial expression here means but I thought it was funny.  I got to do the least back-breaking job of manicures.  Poor Amy did not get properly photographed but there she is at my left elbow working away diligently.
Jill’s dear daughter Jessi arrived after a while to help with the pedis… isn’t she sweet?
Things were never dull in the waiting room
After everyone had received their “treatments” we played the ever popular Chocolate Game
Then we had a hair-styling competition
Here are final styles ready for judging..
And then of course, presents. Gracie was sooo spoiled!
The Spa lady was set ablaze
I missed the candle blowing shot due to bad lighting :(
The girls ended their evening chilling with cake and watching the Princess Diaries (this was Amy’s epiphany, I could not think of an appropriate make-over movie and they all loved this one)
It was such a fun, girly evening! I’m so glad we did it. With 6 weeks to go ‘til my due date, or at any stage of life really, I can most assuredly say that it would not have been so without a little (LOT) help from my friends.  
And now to prepare for the next Birth Day :)

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jill said...

Do I always look that scary? The pics did a good job of capturing the fun the girls were having!

{ L } said...

Oh how fun and super cute! I want a girl lol. This idea is such a fun one for a group of girls. Your cake was too funny lol. I love seeing all their smiles...looks like they were loving it.

Peg said...

so fun! What's the chocolate game?

And Nathan plays the cello?!

Dysfunctional Mom said...

What a fantastic party! It looks like so much fun, I love this idea.
We had a tea party for my daughter this weekend, it was super-cute!

Anonymous said...

My colleague said "This is an over-achieving mom!" and that was before I mentioned that you had 6 weeks to go before the next birth-day! But I am so glad that you did, and three cheers for all your fantastic friends. Gracie will remember this for years! Nice that you have your birthdays somewhat spread out. You used to get the best, but by the end of April I was all birthday-ed out so poor Tha. got the dregs! Shame! Hope she does not read this.

2busy said...

What a fun idea for a party! You really do have great friends.

Thalia said...

Omigosh i cannot believe how many different stages this party had. VERY IMPRESSIVE!!!!!!