Things I loved about today


  • Coming downstairs mid-morning (my kids are awesome about letting their lazy mom sleep in) and finding them playing together in the sunshine in the living room, TV off, with the old-school Fisher Price toys which I have collected from garage sales to replace the one’s from my childhood.  Fisher Price just doesn’t make them the way they used to back in the dark ages when I was a kid. 
  • Helping Gracie write her book, “Your Fears Can’t Hurt You”. A memoir  on how she has been dealing with her fears and worries recently. Written and illustrated by herself. It is awesome.  She has been making such progress lately, trying so hard to conquer her fears. I know how hard this is and I am proud of her. 
  • Her reaction to feeling her baby sister’s kicks today. Laughing with delight and disbelief and vague horror over how she can feel “HER ACTUAL PARTS-THAT IS SO FREAKY!!!”.
  • Helping Gabe with his spelling-bee words. Gabe is the coolest kid. He is so patient. He gets this little bemused smile on his face when he figures things out. Whenever I say, “hey Gabey, do you want to practice some words?”, he always says, “sure!” totally cheerfully even if he is doing something more fun, and does not groan when we are on the 50th obscure word of the day.   Not to mention that he is a darn good speller.
  • Finny asking me to tell him his birth story again. The way he climbed into my lap at dinner when I was recounting being teased as a child. He took my face in his hands and gave me the sweetest kiss.  The way he jumped into bed with me this morning and snuggled up while his freezing little hands thawed against my big warm belly.  The way he gave me a kiss (when he thought I was sleeping) before he crawled out of bed before he went to go and play downstairs.
  • Benj snuggling up to me on the couch this evening during family scriptures.  Listening to him compliment his sister and giggle with his brothers.  Listening to him playing the piano so beautifully.
  • And now, watching a chick-flick movie with my husband (who totally wanted to watch something else but suggested this instead),  who is so kind to me, who makes me laugh every day and does not raise his eyebrows over over the fact that I seem to think Lindt chocolate is a food group  even though he knows that groaning over heartburn will ensue.
(None of the photos on today’s post were taken today, but they were all recent moments I loved. The bottom two are of the boys helping Gracie to tie her fleece blanket.)
What did you love about today? Do please share!

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Samantha said...

Jesse's mom tracked down a Fisher-Price "Happy Apple" on eBay to give him for Christmas for him to give to our kid some day. Apparently Jesse used to love that toy when he was a baby. I saw a photo of me as a baby recently holding another Fisher-Price (I think) toy, so now I'm thinking of trying to track it down (no idea what it is called though!).

As for your question, the thing I liked about today is that I think I've finally starting to get over a cold that feels like it may be the worst cold I've ever had. And coughing, I've discovered, like Lindt, is not very good for pregnancy-related acid issues!

Nice post, Kirsty!

cassie said...

What I loved about today is that I got every single thing on my to-do list accomplished (this rarely happens). So proud of myself. :D