Working through the weekend

Things have been extremely productive and extremely messy since last Thursday. Picture moving house and all the chaos that entails, but instead of being able to move some of the stuff out of the house as you go, thus freeing up space, you are trapped inside the house with all the stuff trying to fenagle new spots in your non-existent storage space for it to live.  Suffice to say, Goodwill profited handsomely from our efforts this weekend and there was a lot of screaming (mostly inside my head, some outside of my head).  In the midst of all this, our poor dog was having multiple seizures after about 6 months of not having any so that was very worrying. She is medicated now and we hope she will be better. Poor poppet.
All the work and angst was not in vain. As of tonight, all children have been relocated to new bedrooms and Aaron’s wardrobe re-merged into my decadent 2 feet of wardrobe space. Two “new” bedrooms have been re-painted (mostly thanks to the efforts of the A-team. Namely: Awesome Aaron and Awesome Amy. My painting skills are…well….not good. ADD and the desire to JUST GET IT DONE ALREADY do not make for a professional finish, so thank goodness for their intervention). A playroom no longer exists, a bunk-bed dismantled and (hopefully) sold, and much, much, much culling of crap/treasured heirlooms has occurred.
After all this I suppose I should be basking in a glow of satisfaction, but apparently the nesting thing has descended in earnest, and all I can see is clutter and filth, all I can think about is the need to repaint random baseboards and scrub walls, and all I can feel is the frustration (and burn) of acid reflux every time I give into the urge to bend over and pick up things. I have to say, I could probably stay pregnant for months longer than required, if it weren’t for heartburn. Once the puking stops, it is my only major complaint. If it weren’t for heartburn, I would willingly just go about my business, fat and happy..for ages-I could gestate an elephant really, but heartburn puts quite a crimp in my style. Namely, my desire to lie down, or bend over from time to time.
I have many questions for God but in the top 10 would probably be: why give women the spirit/urge/psychotic will to do so many physical/productive things at just the time when their bodies are the least equipped to do them? Also? What up with the “No Sleep For You!” thing right after we manufacture,  labour, birth and then have to keep another human being alive solely from what our body produces? That ‘aint right.  Just saying. No disrespect.
So. How was your weekend?

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dawn h-s said...

Well, I for one am happy that the nesting instinct has kicked in.

I always loved the nesting instinct. The only times in my life that I felt in control of my surroundings.

I shall never feel that way again:(

Charlene said...

Oh how I miss nesting... but thats easy for me to say now! Why cant MEN get that urge on our behalf??

Anonymous said...

I want PICTURES and details of who is living where and with which sibling please, and did I ask for PICTURES????