Recently Gracie graciously loaned a toy to Finny. It’s a Fur-real pet. They are needy little things. They whine and mewl to be fed and whatnot.
Finny is now the proud papa of “Pandy”, the Panda bear. He has nurtured him lovingly for a few days now.
Yesterday morning he wandered in to my bedroom holding Pandy. I thought that it would be a good moment for a fun sort of reality check.  Finny is my youngest of course, and has remained the baby for almost 7 wonderful years. His life is about to change in a big way.  He is a big cuddler and has greatly enjoyed his status as the baby all this time.  I am not entirely convinced that he not going to be at least somewhat wistful when his little sister replaces him as the baby. Of course the fact that I will be nursing more often than not will most certainly cut into his cuddle time.   So I said, “how about I take care of Pandy for a moment. Look I could even nurse Pandy!”
I grabbed Pandy and brought him to my (still covered-don’t cringe) chest, smiling benignly in a Maddona and child sort of way.
Finny watched,  his head cocked to the side, smiling somewhat bemusedly, somewhat tentatively.  I continued to smile at him serenely, as I shushed and patted Pandy gently on his panda rear as he “nursed”.
After about a minute of this, he cleared his throat and said awkwardly but clearly,  “ummmm….Pandy’s five”.
I removed Pandy from the vicinity of my bosom immediately.
Once I had stopped laughing, I asked Finny why, if Pandy was indeed five, he still required the level of care of a newborn.
“Yeah”…he said thoughtfully, “Well…..I decided yesterday to make him five so that I didn’t have to do all that stuff anymore.”
After a couple of weeks-maybe a month, when the bone-numbing fatigue really starts to set in, I am going to tell our baby that she is five.
We will see how that goes.

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leah said...

i was laughing out loud with you. :) oh, that's good!!! :)

Samantha said...

Ha ha ha! Good one, Finny.

Kate said...

This is heeeeelarious!

2busy said...

Wish it worked that way! How much longer do you have?

Jessica said...

LOL!! Oh come on are going to be holding that new baby sweetness and wishing to stop time, not fast forward!
I look at my little Ty...and can't believe he's 5 months old and SO big did that happen?

Lydia Moon said...

I love it! Thanks for a good laugh!