Deep thoughts

So maybe I am nesting. I don’t know. It’s still not something I am finding fun and fulfilling, but I found myself cleaning out the vents on my oven door with ear-buds (aka q-tips for you yanks out there) today and whilst thusly engaged, it occurred me that:
-It is good that I have a baby every so often, so that such details can be attended to.
-Men do not see dirt in the same way that women do. 
-My kitchen will never look  as clean as I would like it to because it is exceedingly old and very white.  I tried not to think about this too much because it started to make me feel very pouty.  Kitchen re-model may be on my before-baby “to-do” list but I fear my husband will find it an unrealistic request.
-There must be a better solution for storing pots and pans.  (Aside from the option of hanging them which would not work for us given that I am very short and my husband is quite tall and well….I just don’t like how it looks.) I think I would cook more if there were a less irritating way of getting them in and out of where they need to go. Oh!  Wait! I might actually be having a life-changing epiphany about this…will keep you posted!
-In the measuring cup drawer-there is always an overabundance of 1/8 tsp measures and 1/3 cup measures. Not so much for the measurements you use frequently.  Why is this? Why?
-Why have I held on to not one but 2 pizza cutters for all these years when I don’t know of one single time I have ever used a pizza cutter. Also, why don’t I ever try using a pizza cutter. It looks like it would be so much fun.
-Seriously, can openers are not that expensive, why don’t I just get a new one that works properly? Seriously.
-Ditto on the half broken kitchen scissors. For pete’s sake.
-Why do I have so many bags of powdered sugar? You’d think I made nothing but icing .
-What is it with us and the boxes of brown rice? We had about 3 boxes of open brown rice with the exact same amount left at the bottom.
-It is handy to have small children home on days that you have to get into low, dark, deep spaces.

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jena said...

Ahhh...I remember going after our microwave with a fervor never seen since when I was pregnant with Rian. Each kid produced a different nesting obsession. :)

Anonymous said...

The reason you still have the scissors is because they are broken. If they were fixed, they would be missing in no time at all!!! Of that I can bear testimony!!! 4 Pairs disappear and reappear at will. As for the brown rice, the weavils get to ours before we do!

Joan said...

I think making icing all the time sounds yummy.

2busy said...

Maybe I need to get pregnant to go on a cleaning spree. NOT. I loved your list by the way. Hang on to those 1/8 measuring cups. They seem hard to find...

JDaniel4's Mom said...

JDaniel explores unseen regions of our house too.

Lucia- insert creative nickname said...

Hehe- I simply love your commentary! So true, and so hillarious. I think I hate the lids far more bitterly than the pots themselves. Oh, and pizza cutters are *just dandy* for quickly cutting pancakes for kiddies and home made noodles! And You are right- isn't it funny how we put off replacing the most basic things! You have inspired me to splurge on a new dish scrub brush...hmmm.. maybe even a second cupcake pan so I can bake the whole 24 cupcake batch at the same time.

chacha said...

I also get annoyed with the pots/pans storage. It's like I need 5 cabinets to space it out better with proper organizing doohickeys, but I don't have said space.

And being 5'0" with a 6'2" husband, I am with you on how easy it is for him to reach everything (which is why I ask him to get me stuff all the time).