Week in Review number 2 and a big belly update

Wow I am such a blogging slacker lately, not sure why, but there ya go.  Here’s a little of what happened this week, per my camera review.
It was of course, Valentine’s Day on Monday, my lovely husband got me flowers and Ferrero Rocher chocolates. The heart shaped box with all the different flavours. I don’t what to talk about how quickly I disposed of them because I think it might mean I have an eating disorder of some sort and land me on a TLC show, and I prefer to remain in denial about these things.
I took some really terrible pictures on Valentine’s night. We had our traditional spaghetti meal. See the sparkling  cider? I got carded when I bought that. It was a happy moment.  The cashier thought it was wine. And she thought I was too young to buy that. She also looked disapprovingly at my stomach. Such a happy moment.
The boys aren’t really jaundiced. Something about no flash, yellow room, candle light….here they are reading their cards from their not so secret motherly admirer.
Gracie prepared an awesome Family Home Evening. Everyone wrote love notes to everyone else. It was sweet.
My Finnster
And my Gracie
I thought Gabe’s Valentine’s box was particularly fun this year. Do you like the “love app” we added?
More love note reading. Oh and Gabe made the front page of the paper. See the big arrow. That be pointing to our boy genius.lovenotes
Benj had a cello recital later in the week. It was stellar.
And in other news baby has suddenly and without warning gone from half baked to fully baked. I am now 37 weeks which in technical obstetric terms means: fully baked or in other words, she can come out if she likes.  Of course I am certain that she is going to just hang out in there getting fatter for at least 3 more weeks. Maybe even 5 if I go 2 weeks overdue. Which I don’t tend to do. But I feel like I might this time because I do not feel in any way “imminent”.   Right now that is just fine with me. I feel great all tremendously pregnant things considered, and to be honest, the idea of a baby joining us any time soon is still completely and utterly surreal.  It is no more “real” feeling then it was when I took the pregnancy test yesterday. That was yesterday right? 
37weeks imsoexcited
Aaron took these photos of me yesterday after church. Which incidentally, was about the most strenuous church experience I have ever had. It was like the twilight zone in Primary yesterday. Had to be seen/experienced to be believed. I’ll tell you about it sometime. I still love Primary. Which is saying quite a lot.  Anyway, that’s my “I’m so excited!” manic face. Not entirely sure why but we found it amusing.
But what I find hiLARious is this photo.  It’s a self portrait. It looks like the witch from the Wizard of Oz, with the boots sticking out under the house.
What else have we been up to? Hmm…well there has been a whooooollllle lot of decluttering/purging etc.  I have become quite ruthless in my approach to clutter and we have gotten rid of scads and scads of stuff. And yet the house looks no better. I swear it is true. Some would say I am nesting but it is not as though I am feeling compelled to do these things, yet.
I hope that urge will come. Right now I would be happier being my slobby, lazy self and there is no instinctual, driving force behind my actions.
I am grudgingly attending to  my mammoth domestic “to do” list very much out of a sense of obligation and knowing that according to the calendar, I really should be doing these things. Which is a drag.  It is much more fun when it is a primal urge, so I really hope that hits soon. To me,  that is one of the highlights of pregnancy, right up there with getting to use Dreft laundry detergent and feeling the baby kick.
In yet more news, Aaron got me an iPhone for a birthday/valentine/baby present.  I am so not a fancy phone person, but that Verizon deal was pretty sweet.  I can see now why they are addictive and quickly indispensable.  I love having a camera/video camera at my disposal at all times for one thing. It is excellent to be able to inform facebook of my every thought at any time and it has made me quite a bit more productive in keeping up with my various little jobs. I am quite overwhelmed by the number of available apps though. 
What can’t you live without? Me? I am hooked on Tetris. I got hooked on tetris when I was newly married and alone at home while my husband worked nights. Until recent purging I still had the ancient gameboy I used to play it on.  Now I play it in colour, on a touch screen. And oh it is as addictive as ever. So.very. addictive.  I keep trying to justify my addiction by saying it is stimulating to my mushy brain, it is soothing for my sense of order blahblahblah. But really I am just hooked.  And I am bad baby. As in good. I’m really good. Or so I tell myself.
So, what did you do this week?

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Charlene said...

I LOVE the "witch" photo. If I had done that when I was preggers, you wouldn't even have seen the tips of my boots!

Anonymous said...

I am with Charlene. Well done on seeing as much boot as you do. You are looking very modest, size wise. Glad that the doc. confirmed how far you are, or else I would not have believed it. Do we have the name yet?

Janet said...

What a lovely Valentine's Day. And you look fab. I can't believe baby girl is almost here.