Week in Review

Oh poor neglected bloggy.I have missed you so.  There has been much going on this week. Nothing I can remember off the top of my head though, of course, since my brain has apparently determined that memory is a non-essential component and a poor use of it’s time. So I am forced to look through my downloaded photos from the week and recreate it that way. Hey, whatever works.
Let’s see…on Monday I don’t know what happened, but I see I took a photo of some pretty flowers my husband gave me. They give me hope that Spring will come again….
On Tuesday, the Sayer Pinewood Derby Reign of terror came to an end when  Gabe’s car only came 3rd in the end. Can you guess which one was his? It was a fast car, but alas, there were faster cars this year.  In the last 8 races over 5 years the two big boys, with the help of their engineer father have managed to win 5 of them. Never coming in less than 2nd for the others. So 3rd was a huge and crushing blow.  But not really. There were some fine looking vehicles out there..
It was actually looking good there for us for a while…
DSC_0720 DSC_0723
On Wednesday, Aaron reminded me that it was the 16th anniversary of our engagement by surprising me with a nice little presentation from our kids and a very yummy dinner
He had procured cinnamon crumb cakes (which I was obsessed with at the time of our engagement, and continue to hold very close to my heart-and thighs). Indeed, after the question was popped and answered we rushed out to get some in order to celebrate. I know. How romantic.  He also had some of the Welch’s sparkling grape juice with which I am currently obsessed, and Train’s “Marry Me” playing on the iPod. Very sweet.  Amazing how much the landscape of your life can change in 16 years. I like what I see.
On Friday,  our handsome Benj went to his first school dance. He had a good time.
Also, it was Amy’s birthday. Happy birthday Amy! 
And! Gabe got a giant Good Luck card from his classmates how sweet!DSC_0754
Apparently that evening,  I took a very bad picture of my very huge belly (about 35/36 weeks)
On Saturday, Gabe participated in the County Spelling Bee. (The reason for the huge good luck card) He rocked. Check it:
DSC_0760 e
He ended up coming 2nd out of 26 contestants (who had each won their school spelling bee). Most of whom were considerably older. In fact he lost to an 8th grader.  He is the youngest 5th grader. What is sad is that he totally knew the word but heard it wrong, because the pronouncer had a cold. Shoot. The pronouncer was most apologetic about that.  Life (and spelling bees) is not always fair and Gabe has had his share of lucky breaks.  However, no need to weep over mispronounced words because he qualified to move on to the regional round. If he were to win that he would go to Washington DC for the National Spelling Bee.
We are all most bemused by this because to be perfectly honest, we have been actively hoping he would not win since the first school round. The hope was always not to go out on the first round. But Gabe is a diligent boy and has felt compelled to do his best although he did tell the newspaper reporter when she asked what he had hoped when he had arrived that day, that he had “hoped not to win because his mom might be having a baby. “ Poor sweet boy. When he realised he had qualified he looked over at me with a sheepish apologetic smile. He is so cute.
Indeed his mom might well have a baby since the regional round is going to be held the day before my due date. It might be just the ticket for putting me into labour on time.  So, there’s that.  I’m pretty confident I will get to see it with little sister still in utero.
Afterwards we celebrated…
 malt DSC_0797
On Saturday we also celebrated the adoption day anniversary of our beautiful girl
Can’t believe it has been a whole year since she joined our family. We can’t imagine life without her. She is pretty much the perfect dog. The only time I get really irritated with her is when she gets overly interested in guests (she particularly loves the ones who are not dog-lovers). She doesn’t jump or sniff  for the most part, but she does stand too close as they sit on the couch and gets alllll  kinds of up in their face waiting/begging for love. It is not at all dignified and as a fellow woman,  I am embarrassed for her in her desperation for validation.
The rest of the time she is mellow and sweet. Very, very mellow…
DSC_0202 DSC_0204
and very very sweet. Oh how we love our Shemalema-ding-dong.  We were so blessed to find her. We can’t imagine why or how anyone could have let her go.  After several seizures this year, she has been officially diagnosed with epilepsy :( and we have begun to medicate her. She is doing well. 
finnyandshemly gracieandshemly
No more pictures please!!
no more photos
So that’s the week in review. Not a bad one at all. The weather this February has been frightfully frigid but it has been a good month for us so far. We have had many blessings and reminders of our blessing, very much hoping the trend continues. 
So….How was your week?

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2busy said...

Beautiful snow pictures and congrats to Gabe for moving on in the spelling bee. That is quite the accomplishment.

Johnny Montezuma said...

You TOTALLY ROCK, Kirsty! I have been in a blog drought so I came to your blog for inspiration once again. Oh, my, what a totally BEAUTIFUL blog post!!!! It's almost like a postcard but much richer, fuller, better and truly TK. (TK = Totally Kirsty!) Thank you for such a great blog post! Thank You for your Inspiration! You're The Best. Many Cheers!