10 Things about Ellabeth this week

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One thing I have learned about this phase is that it passes in a blur and there are so many things that you want to tell the whole world about while they are happening.  Here are some of my observations about Ellabeth in her first few days of life…along with some photos. Forgive the quality. Most of them are from my iPhone (best invention for moms of new babies EVER) taken in very low light, and due to the quantity of pictures and the lack thereof of time, there is no chance to edit…Enjoy!
1. On/Off Switch: She is the most alert baby I have ever seen. She is wide-eyed and observant more often than not. She does not sleep much for a newborn at all.  Which would make you think that she was cranky but she’s not. She’s just most often awake and checking things out. From the day she was born. It is quite amazing.  It seemed that way when she was in my tummy, she rarely rested and now I see that was indeed the case. She is no couch potato this one.
IMG_0304 DSC_0692
 DSC_0658   IMG_0499 DSC_0686 DSC_0476
2. Her moves: When she lies on my tummy I can interpret the movements that she was making when she was inside it, it’s the coolest thing!
DSC_0681DSC_0680 DSC_0682DSC_0683
3. Buff Baby: She has amazing head control. From the day she was born, when you lie her on her tummy she can push up and turn her head around to check everything out. When you hold her out in front of you, she does not need any head support. It is not just mother bias here, several people have commented on it.  I knew she was working out in there! My little Jillian.
4. Personality: She very rarely cries. And when she does it is a sweet short lived little cry. I wake up to feed her when she makes polite little noises like this, “eh-eh-eh-eh oooh…..oohhh”. When I insist that she latch on correctly, which can take a while, she is so patient about it and tries and tries again without getting angry, even when she is very hungry. She just makes increasingly eager little noises. It is the sweetest thing. So far she is a gentle, patient soul.
5. Gazing: She stares so intently at me…as if she is looking right into my soul for ages at a time, and then she opens her mouth wide as if to say, “I just can’t believe we can see each other now-isn’t this amazing!?” Or maybe she is saying, “Soooooo…I could eat…how about you?”
6. Perfume: She smells like heaven. Or at least I hope heaven smells this good.  If there is such a thing as a baby-huffing high, I am at great risk of overdose.
7. Cheeks:  Her cheeks are the most addictive substance known to mankind. I cannot stop kissing them. They are so soft, so chubby, so cool and smooth. They are quite simply…addictive. Like cashmere, satin and those awesome squishy balls you can’t stop playing with at the toy-store combined. Oh and did I mention her dimples and her neck….aaaaahhhh….it’s too good.
 DSC_0672 IMG_0504
8. Her hands:  We fall asleep holding hands. She in her co-sleeper, me in my bed,  she, grabbing my finger as if her life depends on it.  She has the most beautiful long fingers and her nails came out looking perfectly manicured. She really was busy in there.  She loves having her hands by her face (we saw this in her ultrasounds and when she was born too :/)  When we swaddle her, she immediately works her hands free so she can have them next to her cheeks.
IMG_0456 IMG_0361
9. Nudity: She is not so much a fan of the diaper changes or nakedness in general.  But even then she is not a big drama queen about it.
Here she is after her first bath. Patiently submitting to being dressed and groomed by her big sister who does such a great job.
10. Fans: She has everyone she meets, especially her family completely smitten with her. We are her hopelessly devoted servants.  The most work I have had since she was born is coordinating everyone’s desire to hold her. She is in hot demand.
DSC_0536  DSC_0631
IMG_0414   DSC_0690
IMG_0473   DSC_0441
DSC_0532 DSC_0522
DSC_0427  IMG_0330DSC_0464DSC_0327

DSC_0616 DSC_0235
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Julia said...

What a beautiful post! She is so very pretty. I want to hold and squeeze her.

Leah said...

Ok now, you've got me all misty-eyed. She reminds me so much of Abigail as a newborn, except for the squishy cheeks. I am in love, and I haven't even held her. <3<3<3

Jill said...

I miss her horribly! This being sick stuff is unexceptable. I love your post!

Jen Lynn said...

mmmmm I love new baby smell. So jealous to see everyone holding her!

I love baby love. That was a good post

leah said...

If there ever was a "magical" post, this is it!!! :)

Michelle said...

I love all the little things you love about her. I love how you fall asleep holding hands. I love how you get high on her smell. I love how the family is smitten. I love the looks on your kids' faces. I think Ellabeth is about the best surprise package ever!
Kisses and hugs and please dedicate a few cheek-squishes to me?!


Anonymous said...

How did Seth get there to hold and feed her??? Tell me more. She is too, too cute! In one picture she is totally Aaron!