Happy birthday Daddy!

On Tuesday, Ellabeth was one week old. (Gasp, sob!) And her daddy turned 38 (Gasp! So old!) Here she is wishing him happy birthday. We think she is smiling, don't you? Isn't she a delight? I don't know how to edit these things so it is well over 2 minutes long...sorry! But who would want to edit a smiling one week old baby and her mommy's ridiculous baby-voice anyway? Am I right?

Here's the awesome daddy with his whole lucky brood.

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Michelle said...

Kirsty, she smiled! No way!! What a talented child :-)
On a side note - you have an AMERICAN ACCENT! How is it mine is still so horrendously South African?

Happy birthday Aaron, thank you for being such a gorgeous husband to my lovely friend, Kirsty. There should be more of you in this world. And happy 1-week birthday precious Ellabeth Malia. xoxo

Janet said...

Preciousness! What more could a daddy want? Happiest of birthdays!

Anonymous said...

Oh my!!! She really IS smiling! Too cute. Babies are getting smarter by each year! What will their kids be like? Born walking, no doubt! And talking! Thanks. That was so sweet.

Jessica said...

Oh my aching ovaries!!! She is soooo squishy!!
Happy Birhday to Aaron!

Seth said...

Happy Birthday Aaron B!! Sorry I didnt catch you when the family called. Congrats on your precious new daughter!

I have just watched the clip again, and she could not be more adorable!! You guys get better at this every time you try!

Love you all :)