March Madness

And so we are into March at last-hooray! We have waited so many months for March.
I can say with confidence that it will be a major and somewhat mad (as in crazy) month for our family, as our smallest addition will join us, anytime between now and well….the end of March.
For those interested in the countdown, I am 38 weeks along now, and still not feeling in any way “imminent” physically or emotionally, which I feel surely points to the fact that I will be extremely overdue. I am counting on taking this thing to the max- 42 weeks - which means there will be plenty of time to repaint the entire house which is next up on my “to do” list. 
My track record has me going a week early, on my due date, and a couple of days late, so make your own predictions accordingly.
In other March Madness this is what I am pondering today in Irony Land..*warning: whining ahead*
1.Why, why, why, when one of my children who has been suffering from some pretty severe anxiety for a while now, and who now, joyously and miraculously, appears to at least temporarily overcome said anxiety, does another of my children, (who has shown no signs or symptoms of uptightness in any way yea, verily indeed, in his entire life) decide that this would be a nifty time to fall apart??  He is a full on wreck. Now of course I understand this is understandable, to be expected, blahblahblah given the big new changes coming our way, but really….on pretty much the the first kid gets it together??? REALLY??!!
I would so welcome one day, or heck, I won’t lie…even a few in a row of not awakening to one of my children  standing wanly at my bedside wringing their hands and weeping piteously, or having a vague sense of anxiety myself all day as I worry and fret how they are doing in my absence. (As you can tell, they come by their neuroses honestly). Any parent, neurotic or not, will agree that it is very hard to be content and calm when you sense one of your children is not. Particularly when they are not by your side. Particularly when your hormones and maternal instincts are in overdrive anyway.
2. Why, why, whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy did our previously nigh unto perfect dog decide that the ideal time to lose control of her bladder would be the one.time. that she spends overnight at the home of our kind, kind friends?  Our kind friends who were watching our children overnight as they put us up in a hotel so that we could have one last pre-baby hoorah? Our kind and majorly fastidious friends who are have JUST PUT THEIR HOUSE ON THE MARKET??? And have a showing this weekend? Oh wait! It gets better! I am not familiar with the smell nor colour of our dog’s urine, because SHE NEVER PEES IN OUR HOUSE. Never has.  But apparently it is like an alien’s pee. It is a cosmic force. It is fluorescent, it defies all methods of cleaning it. It reeks like nothing has ever reeked. It is COPIOUS IN QUANTITY.  It’s probably due to her medication and I should be sympathetic, but I could seriously kill her. It’s not as if she wasn’t afforded ample opportunities to go out to pee, it is not as though she was unfamiliar with this home, and has not visited it with us on many occasions.  I am SO MAD.  Couldn’t she have saved her incontinence for our grubby rugs??? Why?
Small problems, small problems….I do realise this, with appropriate gratitude. They weigh upon my hormonal soul though. 
In other news.  THE SUN IS SHINING TODAY. The windows-they are open! I see ground!  It won’t last for long-snow in the forecast,  but it seems like a lovely gesture toward the month that (supposedly) brings SPRING! And babies!
Happy March! What is making you mad or glad today?

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Rachel said...

I hope today is not what is in store for me in March. I had and still am having a terrible, horrible, no good, roten day! And more snow in the forecast?? Geesh! I can't believe the little one is on her way, Amelia's birthday is the 21st.....the first full day of spring, and a wonderful day to have a babe if I do say so myself! Take care, and hopefully tomorrow is a better day :)